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Looking for a cute and trendy pair of sandals to go with your outfits? Strappy sandals have made a comeback and are taking the fashion industry by storm with their simple, turned classy designs. Their detailing takes any outfit you wear to the next level. They come in so many styles, and colorways, which can be a bit overwhelming. If you are looking for some everyday sandals or cute heels, we’ve got you covered with some of the best strappy sandals on the market. Best of all, they’re all under $30 so you can look the part without breaking the bank!

Strappy Sandals

First, we have a simple sandal with strappy details. This one from Target is $19.99 and comes in black, brown, and tan. The strap design crosses over your big toe and up your foot. These sandals are super comfortable and easy to style for everyday wear. These from Amazon have a similar strap design and cost $17.49. The major difference between these is that instead of the toe strap, it has a thong-style front before going into the strappy design. They also come in a variety of colors such as white, pink, and even gold! If you’re looking for a casual sandal that is on-trend, this is the way to go.

Target Strappy Sandal

Amazon Strappy Sandal

Amazon Gladiator Strappy Sandals

Next, we have a staff favorite sandal from Target. These strappy sandals have a toe loop and come in black, aqua, and snakeskin. They feature a contoured footbed that feels like a soft cushion for your feet, all while elevating the sandal a bit. These sandals are super comfortable and easy to put on with the velcro strap closure. They are the perfect sandals if you are looking for a slight step up from casual. Best of all, they are only $24.99!

Amazon has a very similar style as well, going for $28.90. It has the same strappy design and similar footbed style with the velcro closure. This particular one comes in black, tan, and white. While the price is a bit higher, if you were looking for more of a neutral color palette, this may be your best option.

Target Strappy Sandal

Amazon Strappy Sandal

strappy sandals


Lace-Up Sandals

You can’t have strappy sandals without the lace-up ones! These Micah Lace-Up Flat Sandals from Lulus come in light nude, black, and tan, and currently are on sale for at $15, $15, and $9 respectively. They have that cute toe strap that then crosses up your foot and laces up your ankles. These shoes are cute and affordable, so get them while you can!

ASOS has a similarly styled sandal for $23. It has the same toe accent that crosses up your foot and onto your ankle. This one comes in a fun gold color, perfect if you are looking to make a statement. You may be thinking, ‘won’t the gold be too much?’ Absolutely not! These sandals would be a great pop of color for an all-black outfit!

If you want something a bit simpler, but still features that cute lace-up design, these sandals from Amazon are the ones. It has a single strap in the front, while the ankle has lace. They come in five different colors and is priced between $17.49 and $19.99 depending on the color. You can wear these all day long because they are comfortable and lightweight.

Lulus Lace-Up Strappy Sandals

strappy sandals

ASOS Lace-Up Strappy Sandals

Amazon Lace-Up Strappy Sandals


Lace-Up Heels

Last but not least, we have some options for our heel-loving fashionistas! The Lilyann Suede Lace-Up Wedge Sandals from Lulus come in three different colors and are priced at $38. The chestnut color is currently on sale for $11. It’s a beautiful almost terracotta color that has been on trend recently, so this is a great deal! The sandal has a cute little wedge with a braided and strappy lace-up detail, perfect to wear with a cute sundress or even jeans!

Urban Outfitters has a snakeskin strappy sandal that is currently on sale for $24.99. The snakeskin design has blue, grey, and yellow in it which would be so cute with some jeans. It has a wooden block heel that isn’t too high. Oh, and you can’t forget about the lace-up straps. They would be a cute addition to a night outfit!

Our final pair of heels are from boohoo. It comes in a nude color, and they are currently on sale for $20. They are made with synthetic suede with a simple strap in the front, followed by lace-up detailing. These are a must-have because of how simple they are and they add so much to an outfit!

Lulus Lace-Up Heels

strappy sandals

Urban Outfitters Lace-Up Heels

boohoo Lace-Up Heels

Finding a trendy strappy sandal to go with your outfit can be as easy as a click on Amazon or a quick trip to Target. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, especially if you are looking for a casual sandal or dressing up your outfits with some heels. So don’t you worry, there is a pair out there for you. All the sandals featured are under $30, so just keep in mind that looking cute doesn’t always have to be expensive!

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