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When shopping for staple clothing items to have in your closet, you need to think of two main things. Those are “will I actually wear it?” and “will I feel good about myself in it?”. Whether you are going out on the town with your besties or kicking it quietly somewhere, you want to feel your absolute best. Today, we’re going to be introducing five staples clothing pieces to help you feel extra confident! 


We may be living in a time full of sweats and stay at home mantras, but jeans will never leave the trends. Finding your perfect pair of jeans truly lifts confidence, which overall lifts your fit. Make sure you are finding the jeans that hug your hips and keep that booty looking right because these are the types of clothing we all need in our lives. 

Leather Pants 

Leather pants are a staple clothing piece everyone should own. When you have the perfect leather pants, they’re like magic and instantly instill bad bleep mode. Leather pants elevate any outfit to effortless chic. They makes a bold statement without even trying – definitely the type of clothing that’s a must have.  

That Dress 

Even if you’re not a very girl girl, there is just something about THAT dress that does it for just about anyone. These are the types of clothing everyone needs in their closet. You want to put on a piece that instantly makes you feel good about yourself. 

Crop Top 

We keep saying these types of clothing are must haves, but it’s true!! After all, this is a staple clothing pieces article, isn’t it? Basic crops are so easy to put together with any outfit. Jeans. Boom, outfit. Leather pants. Boom, outfit. Shorts. Boom, outfit. Pair with some chunky sneaks, boots, or even sandals, and you have a fit that is quick and easy. To elevate your outfit a little more, put stacks of necklaces on and some chunky hoops! 


Whether its boots or sneakers, shoes are a staple clothing piece for every outfit. If you’re short (like this article’s author), maybe your go to’s are high boots or any sneakers with a platform. Your shoe can honestly make or break your outfit. For a streetwear look, try pulling together the entire look with a chunky boot or sneaker. For some reason, the chunkiness of the boot just does something amazing to your legs. Another one of our fav fits is to pair some longer shorts and a crop or baggy tee with some high leg boots – you can be sure your Instagram followers will take notice!

If you are buying jeans, leather pants, dresses, crop tops, or a nice pair of shoes, you always want to feel your best in everything you wear. When you feel confident, you exude so much radiance to all of those around you. These types of clothing do just that. Tag @successiblelife in your next Insta post so that we can see all the fits that make you super confident. If you want to show some off, tag us with #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted. Finally, don’t forget to comment on our last photo with some must have staples that you absolutely need in our closet!