Have you been resisting buying new clothes and accessories during quarantine because you’re not really going anywhere? To help satisfy your craving, we’re here to help with the best new idea – repurposing silk scarves for women as necklaces, tops, accessories, and more! 

The Silk Scarf Necklace

We all love a good v-neck and its ability to give you a casual yet chic flair. Choosing that top from your closet means you MUST fill in the empty space on your chest, right? Try fashioning your favorite silk scarf as a necklace to complete your look!

Silk Scarves as Tops

Instagram influencer @fashioninflux is our favorite rep for this style, and she even shares DIY videos to help you recreate her looks!

The bustier top:

The chain scarf top:

The tie-front bandeau top (see image #2):

The Silk Scarf Hair Tie

If your hair is long enough to go in a ponytail, odds are high that you’ve taken advantage of that hairstyle quite a bit this summer. Put a twist on this classic hot-weather look by adding in a sunny scarf as a hair tie!

The Silk Scarf Hair Wrap/Headband

This option is highly versatile. Match it to your mask, wear it solo, or give your pet a glamorous new look!

The Silk Scarf Belt

Add it as a belt to give your outfit some shape and highlight that rockin’ hourglass figure. Perfect to pair with: a skirt/blouse combo, a dress, jeans, or overalls!

Silk Scarves on Handbags

Attach a pop of color to the handles of your darker-colored purses or find a scarf with complimentary colors to tie onto your brighter-colored handbags!

Additional Accessories

Do you love hats? Are you looking to expand your bracelet options? Give these two ideas a try!

Silk Scarves for Women: The Verdict

Overall, we’ll support you however you choose to wear your multi-functional accessory. We really love the idea of using them to dress up your handbags or turn them into cute, playful tops. What’s your favorite way to revamp your outfit with a silk scarf?

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