Hopefully, there can soon be a time when there is a level of normality, and more of us can travel across the globe on holiday as we once did. In the meantime, there are some limitations on this. Covid-19 has brought us some real challenges, and many countries around the world have been placed in lockdown restrictions. With the advent and distribution of a number of vaccines, hopefully, it will be a lot safer to travel again and in the second part of the year. Here are some remote destinations that you may consider heading out to.


Not many people from the US or UK have been to Australia, as it is literally “down under”.  At the other end of the globe, Australia is one of those countries that many people would love to visit, but it is a long way away and isolated. Getting to Australia will normally take two flights (although there are direct flights now from many countries) and almost a day in traveling. 

Making sure all the preparation is in place to visit Oz is important since you have to account for time zone differences, weather, flights, and insurance.  To make sure that your mind is at ease when traveling to a country like Australia, it is really important to get the right level of travel insurance.  Depending on the level of insurance you go for, you will be able to get cover for medical, security, or even things such as flight issues. Staysure insurance options are great examples of the variety of different covers you could receive.  You can do all of this online within a matter of minutes.

If you’re interested in traveling to Australia and you want a moderately isolated destination, then you’ll want to grab yourself a map of Ayers rock and stop by Uluru-Kata! This remote destination in the middle of Australia should be on every tourist’s list of places to visit! If you find yourself with some extra time, then you’ll absolutely want to see Uluru’s Field of Light! It’s a beautiful location, so please be sure to get a map of Ayers rock once you get to Australia!

Isle of Man

Right next to the UK, there is the Isle of Man. This is generally considered remote, as it is not part of the UK but adopts generally similar principles and laws. The Isle of Man has its very own parliament and prides itself in its heritage and culture. Most people will travel to the Isle of Man via ferry.  There are less than 100,000 people that live on this island, and the capital Douglas is exactly where people arrive from the ferry. There is a great motor racing sport, the Isle of Man TT, that takes place here annually. Thousands of people flock to this island each year to take part or spectate in this.


If you are afraid of the cold, then this is one of the remote destinations that is not for you! Antarctica is itself not thriving with tourism, but there are many different organized tourist companies out there that specifically manage holidays to this destination. Normally people will only see it on TV, so it is, therefore, magical to see it in real life. The ice mountains and the different wildlife are awesome. This area is under specific threat due to global warming, which means that more and more of the ice is melting and going into the sea.  This is having a compounding effect on the rest of the world.  While these tours are still active to see the fantastic scenery and wildlife, this could be one to add to the bucket list.


These remote destinations are all very different in their own right.  One is in sunny weather, while the others have cooler weather.  No matter where you decide to go, make sure you consider the appropriate travel insurance options in advance so that you can get the right level of help and protection wherever you are in the world.