If you are feeling lethargic or experiencing mental fog, you should consider getting power supplements to increase your energy levels and provide mental clarity.

If you are looking for pre-workout supplements for your high-intensity exercise the products on the list below will help give you a burst of lasting energy.

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Pre-workout Supplements

1) Ghost Legend

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout blends ingredients that will help you to produce energy. Due to its range of flavors, it is stated to be the best pre-workout supplement on the market at the moment.

It contains more than one amino acid, each playing a role to help grow muscle mass. Other ingredients fight fatigue and give you a much-needed energy boost.

2) Redcon1 Total War

Redcon1 Total War is a well-known brand and one of the best energy supplements in the world. It has been clinically tested to deliver the best energy boosts due to its combination of ingredients.

The perfect amount of common pre-workout ingredients, like caffeine anhydrous and theobromine, makes it highly effective for sustained energy during exercise and workouts. It is a perfect choice for a high-stimulation pre-workout and the perfect powdered energy drink.

3) Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear

Axe & Sledge call themselves an “extreme stimulation pre-workout”, possibly due to the high levels of caffeine that many people look out for. It is suitable for extremely tough gym workouts, and also offers mental support.

Because of the high doses of caffeine, this pre-workout blend focuses more on gains and not lean muscle mass, which is good if that is what you are looking for from your energy supplement.

4) JD Nutraceuticals Altered State

JD Nutraceuticals have been heralded as one of the greatest pre-workouts on the market due to its endurance performance support, muscle pump, and assistance with mental focus.

Due to the levels of caffeine, it is a high stimulant supplement, however it contains nutrients that promote the development of lean body mass and mental performance. Even if you judge by taste alone, you cannot go wrong with JD Nutraceuticals.

5) EHPLabs Pride Pre-Workout

Pride is one of the best pre-workout supplements for endurance athletes as it offers a prolonged energy boost that will persist past your workout and into the rest of your day.

Pride has a nootropic effect, meaning it supports mental focus, and also supports muscle pumps. It can function as a fat burner for those who enjoy rigorous exercise, but if you have caffeine intolerance then this might not be the perfect supplement for you.

6) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Advanced

Caffeine and beta-alanine are the two main ingredients in this supplement, which help give you a much-needed energy kick before your workout.

This supplement also contains Vitamin D and Vitamin C, which support the immune system and protect against bone degradation and cardiovascular disease.

7) Axe & Sledge Hydraulic

Hydraulic is stimulate-free and promotes muscle pumps through dilation and fullness, as well as dense pumps. Its unique blend of ingredients delivers consistent effects when you workout, making it enjoyable despite the lack of stimulants.

It still offers mental support, improves focus through the inclusion of amino acids, and better blood flow, making your gym workout easy and increasing your number of reps.

8) Inspired DVT8 BBD

DVT8 BBD by Inspired Nutraceuticals boost energy and will fuel you through tough, long training sessions.

It has a high dose of caffeine, providing an intense rush of stimulating energy. The beta-alanine and L-Citrulline help open up energy pathways and transport oxygen and blood throughout the body.

It also supports cognitive function due to the high amount of nootropic ingredients and is known to improve memory and focus.

9) Staunch Koala Freak 2.0

Koala Freak 2.0 has covered all the pre-workout supplement basics. It delivers on three levels: it provides muscle pumps and gains, it stimulates the mind, and it provides clean energy that will not leave you bouncing around.

Staunch has made Koala Freak 2.0 an attractive pre-workout option as it comes in a variety of flavors that will never bore you.

10) Max’s Betapump Compound X

The Betapump Compound is a no-frills supplement with a simple formula that promotes energy and improves muscle function. The caffeine kicks in fast after taking the supplement and will help you do additional reps without tiring, while the B vitamins will sustain you.

With a lot of high-stimulation pre-workouts on the market, it is refreshing to have a supplement that does exactly as it says it will, and does not hide behind a lengthy ingredient list. The formula is perfect for an effective workout, and the great taste is an added bonus.

Final Thoughts

A well-balanced diet can only provide you with a certain amount of energy. The supplements listed above are a good start for pre-workout newbies or those simply looking for more energy, as they have proven effects on increased energy production. If you’re looking for a good workout routine for beginners then we’ve got you covered as well!