Clean Beauty is the new thing and here’s everything you need to know about it!
Clean Beauty is the new thing and here’s everything you need to know about it!

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After the recent news of Keeping Up with the Kardashians entering its final season, you might be left wondering how you will ever fill the void. No fears! The ladies of KUWTK have kept busy outside of the series. In April 2019, Kourtney Kardashian’s launched Poosh, a lifestyle website where anyone can find ways to live their best life through beautifully curated content. You now have a place to keep you connected and informed on all things the Kardashian/Jenner women are loving. Today, Poosh has over 3.7 million followers and covers all the topics you love. From Health + Wellness and Lifestyle to Home and Entertainment, you can stay on top of everything Kourtney and her sisters are into.

How It All Started

An especially exciting topic that Poosh covers is the clean beauty movement! Back in 2018, Kourtney’s passion for health consciousness was well underway, but she made a big impact by advocating for a change in legislation through the Personal Care Products Safety Act alongside the Environmental Working Group. The act is a bi-partisan bill intended to reform regulation on personal care products. With this bill passed, the FDA will have “the tools it needs to protect the public” from a virtually unregulated personal care industry. 

Kourtney is doing her part to continue educating consumers about making safer, cleaner decisions on beauty and personal care products. Her passion for living a health-conscious lifestyle is shared in many articles and product recommendations on Poosh. One of the many tools used to make better decisions when it comes to beauty products, EWGs Skin Deep® is an absolute obsession for Kourtney’s team, who call it the new go-to ingredient guide!

Without further ado, here are some of Kourtney’s and the Poosh staff’s recommendations on cleaner alternatives to beauty and personal care products, many of which are award-winning and EWG-Verified®!

Hair care

Adwoa beauty

Baomint™ Moisturizing Curl Defining Gel | 16 oz


Recognition | Clean at Sephora + Allure 2020 Best of Beauty Award Winner.

New to the scene and a featured line on Poosh, this modern beauty brand catering to multi-cultural hair textures has put a twist on non-toxic beauty. Adwoa Beauty created this wash ‘n go gel meant for wet hair (no scrunchies needed)! It’s a stand-alone product that will leave you with curls you will love.

SheaMoisture Raw

Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo | 13 fl oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWG’s Skin Deep®

This is a sulfate-fee shampoo packed with sea kelp, shea butter, and Argan oil that gives your hair the moisture it has been craving. SheaMoisture Raw made Poosh’s “Under-$20 Items for Shiny and Healthy Hair” and is all about providing the best beauty products to all.


Classic Shampoo | 9.3 fl oz


Recognition | ELLE 2020 International Beauty Awards + Rated 1/Limited by EWG’s Skin Deep®

This shampoo is one you will always find in Kourtney’s shower. Rich with omega-9 Rahua oil, it is designed to keep your scalp in balance, leaving hair soft and luminous. Ingredients are sustainably sourced. The secret to Rahua’s formula was discovered by renowned hairstylist and colorist, Fabian Lliguin, after his journey to the Amazon rainforest as an environmentalist.

Avalon Organics

Volumizing Rosemary Conditioner | 11 oz


Recognition | EWG-Verified™

Belief in beauty comes straight from Mother Earth, and Avalon Organics helps you create a holistic lifestyle through beauty. Is your hair feeling limp? Volumizing Rosemary conditioner will bring your hair back to life with the perfect blend of Quinoa Protein, Calendula, Aloe, and Vitamin E.


Heritage Store

Rosewater | 8 fl oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Fair by EWGs Skin Deep®

Heritage Store is one of the original clean beauty brands to introduce the hydrating benefits of Rosewater. The cooling mist made the list of Poosh’s “Top Clean(ish) Drugstore Body Products” that will leave your face and body feeling refreshed with a classic rose scent.

Aztec Secret

Indian Healing Clay | 1 lb


Recognition | Rated 1/Fair by EWGs Skin Deep®

The use of clay in beauty rituals dates back to Roman spas. The history behind it brings a new meaning to tried and true. Bentonite clay from Death Valley, California has deep pore-cleansing abilities. Kourtney keeps this bad boy in stock as part of her regular self-care wellness routine.

Codex Beauty

Bia Wash Off Cleansing Oil | 3.4  fl oz


Recognition | EWG-Verified™ + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

Made in Ireland, this multi-purpose cream is everything your skin has asked for and is a Poosh Pick of the Week! Packed with superfoods, it leaves skin deeply hydrated, revitalized, and restored while gently cleansing and removing impurities from your skin.

Living Libations

Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn | 100ml


Kourtney uses this “game changer” on the regular! Great for areas prone to congestion, it’s an all-in-one product for all skin types. This product can be used as a daily cleanser, as it balances your skin’s pH by reviving and restoring your skin to all its gloriousness. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Lifting Serum | 1.01 fl oz


A staple in Poosh editor Michelle Scanga’s “getting ready” routine, this lightweight serum lifts and tightens by providing long-lasting firmness and suppleness to your skin. Lifting Serum makes for a great addition to your anti-aging regimen.


Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream | 0.5 oz


Recognition | EWG-Verified™ + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

An eye cream that melts into your skin with powerhouse ingredients, including Marine Algae complex, Squalene, and Paracress Extract, this product can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in less than seven days. It was named Pick of the Week by Poosh and is a miracle worker you should be sure to check out!

Bath & Body

Dr. Bronner’s Organic

Lavender Coconut Organic Hand & Body Lotion | 8 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

A brand to trust for 150+ years, it’s not surprising Dr. Bronner’s Organics makes the list of Poosh’s favorite clean beauty products. It’s safe for everyone to use, even those with sensitive skin, and absorbs quickly while leaving your skin nourished.

Badger Balm

Badger Balm – For Hardworking Dry Cracked Hands | 2 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

The thing that started it all: Badger Balm – For Hardworking Hands is an OG miracle-working product! With hints of minty wintergreen, this balm will soften even the toughest of hands.

London Grant

Honey Coco Body Custard | 1.5 oz


A product created from a personal need to fill the gap, this Black-owned brand is zero frills and all about the essentials. London Grant’s richest concoction is the perfect, non-toxic balm that will feed your body from within while leaving an amazing glow.


The Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm | .52 oz


Another “Original” recommended by Poosh, this product has accolades for days! It’s great for head-to-toe dry or chapped skin and even safe for you to use during pregnancy. A cult classic, this is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based balms.


Undaria Algae Body Oil | 5 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

This botanical body oil will elevate your at-home spa experience to the next level. Apply this luscious oil to either dry or damp skin. This miracle worker not only leaves skin hydrated but also will assist in bringing your skin back to its original glory.


Babo Botanicals

Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 50 | 3 oz


Recognition | EWG-Verified™ + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

If Kourtney uses this gentle sunscreen on her kiddos, so should you! Poosh spilled the beans on all things toxic for sun care along with all the harmful effects the ingredients could have on your little ones.


Sport Mineral Sun Stick, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | 1.62 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

Not only does this “grab and go” sun stick smells good, but it is also a great cruelty-free, reef-friendly sun protection. Broad Spectrum protection is the best and safest choice for reducing the sun’s harmful rays and protecting your delicate skin.

Raw Elements®

Face + Body Tube SPF 30 | 3 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep® + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

Living an active lifestyle equals lots of sun exposure. That is why Poosh recommends this “all over” certified organic sun protection.





Recognition | EWG-Verified™

Finding a clean mascara that gives you the results you want is a challenging task. This Poosh “Pick of the Week” hits all the marks! With just a few coats, your lashes will look full and lengthy without all of the harmful ingredients. 


Stay Woke Concealer Brightening Concealer | 0.17 oz


Recognition | Rated 2/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

Are you looking for a flawless complexion? This is another Poosh pick that you must add to your makeup bag. Roma’s mission shouts inclusivity, and its products are proof that they are rewriting the rules of beauty. With 19 shades that are lightweight and full coverage, this concealer will be your go-to solution.

W3ll People

Bio Bronzer Cream Stick


Recognition | EWG-Verified™ + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

This “on the go” chubby stick made Poosh’s list of “Clean(fish) Bronzers to Fake a Natural Tan.” It’s a cruelty-free cream bronzer that conveniently glides on and gives you that instant glow.

RMS Beauty

“Un” Cover-up Concealer | 0.20oz


Recognition | Clean at Sephora + Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

Available in 16 shades, there is good reason for the “Un” Cover-up Concealer to have a cult following. Not only does this product cover blemishes, but it also promotes healthier skin.

RMS Beauty



Recognition | Clean at Sephora +Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

Award-winning and a favorite for the team over at Poosh, Luminzer in the shade Gold by RMS Beauty is a highlighter of choice. This cream luminizer will give you that dewy glow you desire without the fear of using harmful ingredients.

Personal Care


Deodorant Stick – Ylang-Ylang + Calendula | 3.25 oz


Recognition |  Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep® + Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

With the “Real Deal”, Poosh says to forget all the others because Schmidt’s natural deodorant is where it is at! Naming it one of their Top Clean(ish) Drugstore Body Products, The Poosh team is in love with this safe alternative to neutralizing odor while smelling heavenly. 

Jason® Since 1959

Sea Fresh® Strengthening Paste Deep Sea Spearmint | 6 oz


Recognition | Rated 1/Limited by EWGs Skin Deep®

Affordable and gentle, Jason’s Strengthening Paste made Poosh’s list of the best “All-Natural Teeth and Mouth Products for a Healthier Smile.” It’s a paste that is great for fortifying the teeth and gums with gentle, stain-fighting whiteners to leave your smile sparkling.


Cliganic™ Castor Oil

100% Pure Organic Castor Oil with Eyelash Kit


One of Kourt’s go-to’s for natural lash and brow growth, this $10 certified organic Castor oil will step up your beauty game with minimal effort. As a bonus, it is great to apply to any dry patches of skin or cuticles and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This miracle worker is the natural remedy you have been waiting for.


Nail Polish | 0.4 oz


Cote has it all! It’s cruelty-free, free of major toxins, and has all the color. Proudly made in the United States, these polishes are some of the cleanest and safest on the market. No wonder Kourt’s nail artist Kim Truong, is obsessed with this brand! 

Why did Kourtney call it Poosh?

Critics pointed out that the website, right down to the crucial two O’s in the name, was eerily similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s website about health, wellness, and “lifestyle” named Goop. However, Kardashian clarified that Poosh is the name of her daughter Penelope. 

What does Poosh mean?

After learning that Kourtney named her lifestyle company Poosh after her daughter Penelope, fans were stunned.

Does Kourtney own Poosh?

As shown in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney grew more health-conscious and committed to her fitness lifestyle once she had children. Her lifestyle company Poosh, which focuses on health and well-being, was born as a result.

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