It’s time to up the ante on the traditional party in the backyard. Summer is almost over, so now is the perfect opportunity to throw a fun backyard party with outdoor party games and delicious food and drinks. Delivering a memorable party for family and friends can be a daunting task, especially with the new safety regulations we now need to follow. However, this year we are making everything safe and fun so that your outside gathering is a big hit. 



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There is no other way to set the tone for a great party than to have an unmistakable theme and outdoor party decorations. You can make a location like Paris the essence of your theme, since international travel is restricted in 2020. “Christmas in July” is another outstanding theme for a party in the backyard, and all you need are holiday decorations that have been stored away all year. Balloons can be a great way to incorporate a theme or color into your party along with colorful cups, napkins, and plates. A balloon wall or balloon lettering is a simple addition to any party and also sets a backdrop for an Instagramable moment.

A Paris theme might have nudes and light pinks to represent the “city of love”. Another essential at any party in the backyard are string lights because they bring a calm atmosphere. The Brightown Outdoor String lights act like stars in the private universe of your yard.

Although you may want everyone enjoying the pool or dancing to the music, remember to have places for your guests to sit and relax with tables for their food and drinks. Urban Outfitters has some cute Rhys Outdoor Tray Tables that are colorful and can hold snacks while your guests enjoy the sun. 

Party Games


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Entertaining your guest is the primary job of any great party host. Outdoor party games like cornhole bring out friendly competition in your guests. One we really like, the Franklin Sports Beach Bumz Cornhole set, is available from Walmart. 

A “Christmas in July” themed party could be a perfect opportunity for a Yankee Swap. A Yankee Swap (sometimes referred to as White Elephant) is a game where each guest brings a wrapped gift with no name and no intended recipient. Announce a price cap per gift prior to the party in order to make the game fair and fun. Each guest draws a number randomly, and whoever draws #1 is the first to pick a gift from the pile.

The person who draws #2 can have the option of either stealing the unwrapped gift or picking a new gift. If person #2 chooses to steal the gift, then person #1 can only pick a new gift from the pile and cannot swap. This goes on until everyone has the chance to pick a gift. Keep in mind it is best to draw a high number, as those people have the chance to see the already unwrapped gifts. 

Card games can serve as a drop-in station at your party or the focal point of the entire night. “What Do You Meme?” will get all of your party guests laughing. The rules of the game begin with each player drawing seven caption cards. The judge is a randomly assigned player and changes every round. This person draws a meme card (essentially a viral photo), and each player submits their best corresponding caption. The judge will then decide which caption is the funniest and best suited for the meme. 

Food and Drinks


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No party is complete without tasty food and drinks. Toss fruits like watermelon, mangos, and honeydew in a bowl and poke them with toothpicks for guests to munch on during the party. Appetizers like chips and dip can also be served on these beautiful Blockprint Bamboo Melamine Chip & Dip serving plates from Anthropologie. 

Grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken kabobs are easy and can be made outside during the party. Provide vegan or vegetarian options for your guests like grilled mushrooms, black bean burgers, or a large plate of veggies. You can serve homemade lemonades, ice teas, or punches to everyone as well as alcoholic beverages for the adults. Especially if you’re planning a summer party in your backyard, check out our list of refreshing summer cocktails and alcoholic beverages to accompany it.

The Display

Add peach, blueberry, or really any fruit flavoring to a lemonade or ice tea for a twist on a refreshing classic. A wooden vendor cart is a great place to serve appetizers and drinks while adding a cute aesthetic to your party, which you can decorate according to theme. FixtureDisplays vendor carts with trays are a gorgeous option from Amazon. 

One way for you as the host to sprinkle simple touches of thought and creativity into your party in the backyard is to have themed drink cups, plates, and napkins. For example, add the words “naughty” or “nice” to the “Christmas in July” themed party cups. You can also color coordinate your cups with the relationship status of your guests.

Green cups can represent a “single and ready to mingle” guest, yellow cups can be for “taken” party guests, and pink cups can be for those whose relationship status is “complicated”. This is not only to bring a fun element to regular party cups, but it is also a conversation starter amongst the guests at the party in the backyard. Our favorite party cups are the Hefty Party Perfect Plastic Cups that are also available on Amazon. 



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A big trend recently with parties in the backyard is an outdoor movie theater with a projector. As day turns to night, your guests can snuggle up in comfortable lounge chairs, pillows, and blankets to enjoy a movie under the stars. Movie choices could include The Wizard of Oz, Clueless, or Elf if your party is holiday themed.

Whatever movie you decide to play, have it reflect the theme and be something for all your party guests to enjoy.  Provide your guests with comfortable seating as well as a blanket for added warmth and comfort. These Fatboy Lazmac inflatable chairs from Urban Outfitters are perfect for a summer party oasis and can be deflated for easy storage. 

Pair the inflatable chairs with these Bianca Indoor/Outdoor pillows from Anthropology to serve as extra cushion while keeping your party super trendy and fashionable.

Safety First

It is no doubt that 2020 will be a year that we will never forget. All of your guests need to be safe while never skipping out on fun. An awesome way to do this would be by having a DIY Mask making station! Your guests will not only enjoy themselves but also remain safe and socially distant. All you need is white cotton face masks, paints, and paint brushes. The highly-rated VTER Cotton Face Breathing Masks come in packs of five and can be found on Amazon. 

Final Notes

Consider keeping the expectations for the party low so that your guests will be shocked with how trendy and fun your party in the backyard turns out. When you put effort into the small details, your party guests will be pleasantly surprised. Your friends and family will know you are the best host around. No matter if you invite ten of your closest friends or throw down for the whole block, make your party stand out amongst the tired out summer barbecues by adding a twist.

This could be a fun theme, color palette, or an awesome party game. Remember that if this party is fun for you, then it is fun for your guests, so add your own creative touches to every element of the party. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the party and have a drink with your friends!

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