When it comes to throwing a party, one thing is more important than every other. Your party has to be fun. You can achieve this in many ways, but why not make it even more special by organizing a dress-up party? It doesn’t have to be Halloween or April Fool’s Day to have a spectacular dress-up party, you can do it in the middle of the summer!

The most important aspect of planning a party like this one is to choose a theme for your party and tell all of the guests about it. There are endless themes from which you can pick, and we’ve gathered the most interesting ones for you. Scroll down to find out which dress-up party themes make the guests have an absolute blast.

The 1970s Party

party ideas for couples

Dressing up with a 1970s theme might include anything from standard tie-dye t-shirts and bell-bottom trousers to iconic personalities such as President Nixon. Make a playlist of 70s music and offer dip, croissants, and margaritas with it. With a lot of peace and love banners, classic rock concert posters, lava lamps, shaggy carpets, and bean bags, decorating will be a breeze. Don’t forget to make room for a dancing area.

But, the disco and hippie subcultures aren’t the only ones that arose in this time period. This period was also the uprising of the punk and goth culture, so you can have your goth costume while wearing occult clothing and jewelry and your partner may be dressed up as Sid Vicious or Johnny Rotten. Whatever your choice may be, make sure that everybody fits the aesthetic and have fun.

Tropical theme

party ideas for couples tropical theme

Plastic palm trees, sand, mangoes, coconuts, melons, and torches can be used to make a tropical island atmosphere. Outfits can range from swimsuits and wraps to flower-printed tees or skirts, summer dresses, and other relaxed beach clothes. Men should wear linen pants with a button-front Hawaiian print shirt and a straw hat. Don’t forget about accessories like sunhats and shades.

This is the best option for those that have a pool in their backyards as it will give more ambiance. Throw in some beach inflatables like flamingoes and doughnuts and see how the party gets from the yard to the pool. If you don’t have a pool you can get your sprinkler, and turn it on to cool everybody off and surprise them.

Cowboy party

Choose your best country music playlist and create an outfit inspired by country music. All you’ll need for this themed party are cowboy boots and hats, denim trousers and skirts, plaid shirts, scarves, and country music. Horseshoes, stirrups, and hay bales make excellent decorations. For extra points, you can get some cowboy boots with spurs on them and enjoy the attention they’ll get.

For this party most appropriate is to serve BBQ and beer. To make this even more fun, you can make some fake gold coins and give them to your guests when they arrive so they can pay you for your food and drinks. If you want to go further the extra mile, you can make your party room look like a saloon and see your amazed guests have the most fun they had in their lives.

Toga party

The Greco-roman party theme is simple to put together, and outfits do not need to be fancy to be enjoyable. No tailoring or changes are required to fit a basic white duvet case or bed sheet into an ancient toga. Simply tie a string around your hips and you’re set to go. If you want to go all out, throw on a grapevine headgear and a pair of roman sandals with long straps.

Organize your place with simple Greek-style columns made from paper and a little imagination. Serve cheese, fruits, almonds, olives, and other mini snacks on plates. And don’t forget to purchase some good red wine. The ancient Romans and Greeks were head over heels for red wine. Just remember to make a rule about not talking about philosophy or politics during the party as it can really ruin the vibe.

Final thoughts

Next time you have the chance to organize a party for an occasion, make sure to make it a themed one to break the monotony of usual celebrations. Themed parties are not only for kids. The adults can have fun this way too. Make sure to prepare your costume, decorate your place accordingly, and let your guests know the dress code for the day. Once you throw a dress-up party it would be really difficult to go back to regular parties since dress-up parties are so much fun.