If you have been on the internet at all in the past few months, you have probably heard about the all-out war between millennials and Gen Z. If you haven’t heard about this, you might be wondering what it was about. Well, long-story-short: it was about side parts and skinny jeans.

Both millennial style staples, younger members of Gen Z have almost unanimously agreed that these are now out of style. Millennials did not seem to like this news. While many of us still do plan on rocking our side parts, we were still curious about what the latest style trends were. And if you’re still reading, we bet you are too. So here are four styles that Gen Z has decided are out of style and what is replacing them.

Side Parts to Middle Parts

We don’t know about you guys, but many of our younger selves would laugh about how silly we looked when we switched our side part for a middle part. You may have said, “Look how weird I look!” and almost immediately changing it back to your trusty side part. Well, times are changing. Because now one of our younger sisters (who used to joke about this with us) now rocks a middle part on the daily.

You heard us right; side parts are no longer the hair trend. With Gen Z, it is all about the middle part. There are a few different ways they are doing this. One of our personal favorites is with the curtain bang cut. But there are plenty of options! Just to name some others, you can style layers with beachy waves or even with a short blunter style.

No matter how you decide to style it, know that switching to a middle part will likely give you the nod of approval from Gen Z.

Skinny Jeans to Mom Jeans

This is one that absolutely took the internet by storm. You could say, for lack of a better word, that this had many millennials and older Gen Z members “triggered”. Nevertheless, the younger members of Gen Z have decided that skinny jeans are no longer in style.

Rather than skinny jeans, Gen Z has opted for more straight leg “mom jeans” or oversized high-waisted jeans. This goes for other denim as well. Gen Z has left behind the short tight denim jeans for more loose-fitting and longer mom jeans. Many Gen Z members have said they gained their inspiration for bringing this trend back from style icons like Princess Diana. And we will admit that after hearing that, we were a lot less upset about having to say goodbye to our skinny jeans.

Here are some of our favorite mom jeans


Triangle Bikinis Tied New Ways

Before you freak out, let us clarify that Gen Z is not canceling triangle tie bikinis; instead, they are actually reinventing the way we have worn them for as long as we can remember. TikTok trends have shows hundreds of different ways you can tie the same triangle bikini so that you get tons of different looks from the same piece.

You can turn it into a cute tube top shape, wear it upside down to get a more rounded shape, or criss-cross in the front – honestly, the possibilities are endless! If there is one thing that this trend has taught us, it is that Gen Z’s creativity truly is endless, so rest assured that the classic triangle bikini is not going out of style.

Here are some of our favorite triangle bikinis:


Low Rise Bikinis to High Waisted Bikinis

Bikinis appear again on the list of things Gen Z is trying to change. But in all honesty, this is one trend we are definitely here for. So many of us have gone through trying to buy a bikini and having the low-rise bottoms dig into our sides, making us feel less than ideal. Well, with this new Gen Z trend, that is a thing of the past.

You can say goodbye to bikini bottoms that dig into your sides and hello to high-waisted bikinis. If you don’t already have one, you need one (especially with summer coming up)! High-waisted bikinis really can hug you in all the right places, elongate your legs, and even give some more structure to your figure. While we may not agree with every trend Gen Z is creating, this is one we definitely like.

Here are some of our favorite high waisted bikinis:


So which Gen Z trend did you like the most? Or were there any trends you’re not quite on board with yet? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @successible_life. If you’d like to show off some of your looks, just tag us with #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted!

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