The new year is so exciting. Everyone prepares their “new year’s resolution” list in hopes of making the new year, new me possible. Before those new goals kick in, though, there’s partying to be done. But what will you wear? Think no more with our perfect NYE outfit options.

After last year’s debacle, we think we’re ready to hop out to a kicka$$ party (pardon my French). Sound like you? Then you need a knockout look to accompany you. Below you will find an exciting list of NYE outfit ideas to have all eyes on you.

Whether you’re a lady that loves to rock the classic, shimmery New Year’s dress or you want to try out something a little less conventional, you will find it on this list.

What are we waiting for? Let’s check out the top ten styles for NYE outfit ideas 2021.

NYE outfit Staple: Dress

When it comes to NYE outfit ideas, it’s no secret that dresses take the number one spot. Every woman loves stepping out in a shimmering, shining, bedazzling dress that is guaranteed to be a real showstopper. Sound like your style? You’ll find a light-and-bright pick below. Looking for something less flashy? We’ve got a few dress styles for your personality.


When it comes to wearing a shimmery NYE outfit dress, you want to stick with gold and silver (for the most part). These are iconic colors for any New Year’s Eve attire. We love this one-shoulder voguish gold dress because the style and color are wowing. This alluring sequin dress doubles as a tantalizing backless dress that is nothing short of glamorous.


If you’re looking for something more playful yet still riddled with glam, you will enjoy this sequined dress with flirty tassels. The look instantly adds movement, while the slip dress style keeps you cool and casual wherever you go. Just make sure this slip dress gets paired with a statement coat to bring even more looks to the table.


Going for an artsier getup is a-okay when it comes to NYE outfit ideas. For example, an asymmetric dress is excellent. We like this gold dress with an asymmetrical skirt and a touch of shimmer. It’s anything but underwhelming and has a chic and elegant taste to it.

Runner-Up: Skirt and Shirt Combo NYE outfit

Some girls love to mix and match their New Year’s Eve outfits – and that’s okay. If you’re looking for the perfect skirt to go with your blouse, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve found three of the most alluring must-have skirts for your New Year look. Which one will you end up buying?


For a skirt for New Year’s Eve, you can’t go wrong with metallic. This dashing metallic skirt is perfect for any party. Not only is the hue on point, but you will love the trendy knotted design that hits at mid-thigh. These mini metallic skirts pair well with black or white tops and a couple of knee-high boots or combat boots.


Want to know the second most popular skirt option for New Year looks? Sequin, of course. Sequin will always be a go-to, whether you want a cute outfit or a chic outfit. We love this sequin skirt because of the massive amount of glistening sequins. It’s also a midi skirt construction, which is excellent for those that want to show off their body in a more coquettish manner.


Don’t hesitate to step outside of the box, though. This charming, feathered cute skirt is ideal for those with bold personalities that aren’t afraid to have all eyes on them. Consider this incredible rainbow number if you think your fiery and fun personality could use a striking piece this New Year’s Eve. Pair it with ankle boots for a delightful finish.

Don’t Skip: NYE outfit Jumpsuits

The New Years’ dress is the epitome of NYE outfits, it’s true. But another style that never seems to disappoint on this exciting day is the classic jumpsuit. There’s a wide range of lust-worthy New Year’s Eve jumpsuits to choose from, so you will find a look that suits your needs.

Who said you had to shine bright like a “diamond”? Why can’t you shine like an “emerald” instead? This lovely Extro & Vert halter neck jumpsuit showcases a gorgeous emerald satin. Crossed halter top with palazzo, it’s a comfortable outfit still highly intriguing. Pair it with a furry coat for all the luxe attitude you could dream of.


Last but not least, we had to add this bandeau sequin jumpsuit with faux feather trim. It’s so cute yet has an undeniable sense of elegance and sophistication – and it’s all thanks to the feathers around the neckline. This jumpsuit is a clear winner at all kinds of parties.

Unconventional: Suits

We’d be lying if we said that pants – such as metallic pants – weren’t a surefire way to steal the show at any party, big and small. But have you ever thought about opting for a sophisticated suit instead? Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but who cares? After all, this is the year 2021. Isn’t anything going at this point?


To get an idea of what we’re talking about, look at this stunning sequin jacket and pants set. The colors are marvelous, and the set fits beautifully on just about any body type. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bringing along a coat, making your NYE outfit that much easier.


We couldn’t end this portion without mentioning this flashy purple blazer and pants suit, too. Made with satin, this delicious little number perfectly combines sex appeal and business wear. Wear it to the office party and look glam yet ready for action, then become the style spotlight at your midnight party.

Final Words

Well, ladies, there you have it. All the absolute best NYE outfit ideas for 2022. We know, we can hardly believe it’s time to party for the new year already! Regardless of how fast this year swept by, we’re 100% to rock all kinds of parties that might come our way. Whether you’re into the cliche sequined dress or want to try out something more daring, like a jumpsuit or suit, you will be the talk of the party.

Which NYE outfit will you end up wearing? Happy New Year, everyone!

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