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If you’re following the latest fashion trends, you might have noticed that mom jeans have made their comeback. Like a lot of things that were popular in the 90s, these jeans are now a major fashion trend – just like velvet, bucket hats, and choker necklaces. 

Rachelle and Monica from Friends are the perfect example of why mom jeans were and still are so fashionable. There’s something so appealing about these jeans, since the baggy denim usually makes them super comfortable. Another fun fact is that mom jeans can make you look taller!

Today we’re going to help all you fashionistas out there find the perfect pair of mom jeans to add to your closet. We’ll also add a few jeans hacks and ways to style them with your outfit. So get ready – we’re about to reveal some of the best and most comfortable jeans, and your legs will thank you for any of these!

Mom Jeans Must-Haves 

If you’re shopping for jeans, we want to let you know that your options are endless. You can go for the plain old denim or pick something trendier like a ripped or high-waisted pair.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite options:





High waisted 




Ways to Style Them

One of our personal go-to’s when wearing jeans is to pair them with an oversized shirt. Even if you don’t have a preference for baggy clothes, they’re just so comfortable with the loose fit.

However, lots of girls rock their jeans with either a tucked-in sweater or a crop top.

Here are some of our favorite looks:

We know you’ve seen mom jeans dominate the fashion industry lately. If you’re longing for some 90’s vibes, you’re probably very thrilled that they’ve made a comeback. If you could care less and are wondering why mom jeans are “a thing”, we can tell you right now that few pairs are more comfortable.

Especially for those of you who might be curvier or usually struggle to find jeans that are cute and comfortable at the same time, mom jeans are just the perfect solution. 

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