If you’re thinking about buying a new car, then you might have seen a lot about electric and hybrid cars these days. Cars that are powered by electricity are becoming more and more popular as they are more energy-efficient, help you save money on the cost of fuel and have lower road tax costs. With the cost of fuel on the rise, you might be wondering if investing in a hybrid or electric car could be the right move for your next vehicle. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s worth owning an electric car. 

Reduced Cost of Fuel

Hybrid or Electric Car

Hybrid and electric cars use much less fuel, or in the case of electric cars, you don’t need to fill up the tank at all. This can significantly reduce the running costs of owning a car. When you have a fully electric car, a full charge of the battery from empty could cost less than a couple of pounds for the electricity, compared to filling up the tank of a standard family car which has recently reached more than £100 for the first time. 

Instant Torque

Electric cars instantly deliver their maximum torque rating, which is a characteristic that allows hybrid and electric cars to match the performance of normal cars. There’s no waiting time for the motor to spool. 

Fewer Emissions

Since hybrid and electric cars have slow slip rates, this reduces the number of greenhouse gases that these vehicles produce. This makes them especially popular in urban areas where there is often a lot of traffic, leading to gridlocks that create smog as a result of a pollutant build-up in the atmosphere. For drivers, another benefit of lower emissions is that your vehicle will be liable for lower, or no road tax or vehicle excise duty. Many hybrid and electric cars are also exempt from the London Congestion Charge and Clean Air Zone charges around the country. 

No Idling

With an electric or hybrid car, there’s no idling and burning fuel while sitting in a traffic standstill. When you are at a red light or stuck in a traffic jam, many electric and hybrid cars will automatically switch the engine off, while using power from the battery to keep your air conditioning or radio on. 

Develop Better Driving Habits

With a hybrid or electric car, you can become a better driver, as lots of these vehicles come with a basic driving tutor system which you can use to learn how to get the most from driving your new hybrid or electric vehicle in a way that is more fuel economical. As you are driving, you can use the system to develop good driving habits since it will show you how to use gradual braking and avoid things like high revs. 

Tax Incentives

There is no denying that since hybrid and electric cars often use more expensive technologies, they can cost more to buy upfront compared to a standard petrol or diesel car. However, the good news for drivers who are interested in getting a new electric or hybrid car is that there are lots of government tax incentives that you may be interested in taking advantage of. These are designed to help you save money on your new vehicle and have the main aim of encouraging more people to buy cars that are environmentally friendly.

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Choice of Brands

Since electric and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, there is now a huge range of car brands to choose from if you are looking to get this kind of vehicle for your next one. This means that it has become easier than ever to find a hybrid or electric car available from your favorite brand. Lots of popular car brands including Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen are now offering a wide range of electric models alongside brands that only offer electric cars such as Tesla. You can also find electric car leasing directly from brands.  

Good Resale Value

Another reason to consider buying an electric or hybrid vehicle for your next car is that compared to standard petrol and diesel cars, these vehicles tend to hold onto their value for much longer. As a result, they have a high resale value, and you may not lose out on as much compared to buying a traditional fuel engine car if you decide to sell your vehicle on in the future. 

If you are in the market for a new car, there are definitely lots of great reasons why it is worth considering going for a hybrid or electric model.