If you’re a social media enthusiast, then you probably know a thing or two about aesthetics. Our world today is filled with influencers who know how to play the game right and make everyone feel compelled to fulfill their beautiful feeds. Whether we like it or not, we are all drawn to that fantasy that is portrayed in every Instagram post, and we all want to be the next Kylie.

How do we do that? It’s simple. You have to love being in front of the camera, but most of all, you have to have patience. I am going to teach you how to look good in pictures, and the best part is that you’re going to do all the work using just your phone!


The first step to take when you’re planning on doing a photoshoot is to observe your main source of light. First, decide if you want to do indoor or outdoor lighting. I prefer natural and outdoor lighting that uses the beautiful sun as my source. Trust me, you’ll be really happy with the results (be prepared to sweat). If you’re doing the photoshoot outdoors, make sure to face the sun and avoid shadows as much as you can.

If you take photos indoors, it gets trickier. Indoor lighting is usually very yellow or very fluorescent. These two things will not give you the “influencer” look that you’re aiming for. You can rely on using a ring light for better exposure, or you can try to face a window or door with sunlight hitting your face.


The second step is to grab that phone of yours. And yes, nowadays with all this technology available to us, you can get high-quality and beautiful images using just your phone. It’s fast and simple. There are lots of accessories you can buy to make the photoshoot a little more professional, including the ring light that we previously mentioned, a tripod, a backdrop, or a selfie stick

Mirror photos are also super popular these days. This method gives you an advantage, as you can do your photoshoot without using the help of someone else.

If you do have someone to take photos for you, I recommend trying portrait mode on your iPhone to add more depth to your image. 


And now it’s all about the action! Into the photos that you dream of, you have to have confidence! Own it and be proud of who you are; the camera will show it too. If you want to show off your outfit, make sure not to cut off the lower part of your body. If you want to show everyone your beautiful makeup, try a close-up shot with a strong source of light facing you. And if you want to emphasize the location, try taking the photo using your phone horizontally.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your surroundings. What’s the background behind you? Is there clutter? Are there too many shadows where you’re standing? Make sure to get a clean and neat shot. Another tip is not to try not to blend with your background. Observe the colors that surround you and make sure the outfit you’re wearing will stand out and create a contrast with the background of the shot.


Okay now that you got some good shots, it’s time to edit them. I pee like heavily edited images or over-photoshopped photos. When I edit my posts, I always try to go for a natural vibe. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Before you edit, decide on what kind of tone and feel you want your feed to have. Based on that, you can now start to envision what your current and future posts will look like. 

My favorite editing software is Adobe Lightroom. It is easy to use and has a lot of awesome presets. You can also create your own preset and apply it to all your future images; that way your feed will be consistent and flow. Consistency is very important for influencers, as they always tend to have a cohesive feed. Some of them choose to use the same filter on all their images or sometimes the same shot and location (mainly fashion influencers).

Adobe creative cloud offers Students and Teachers a special discount:
US$19.99/mo* instead of US$52.99/mo (For the first year, then US$29.99/mo after that)

There are many other editing tools to help you get the photo you want. You can try using apps like Facetune, BeFunky, Photoshop, and VSCO. Another way to edit your photo is to use Instagram. They have many filters (for posts and foodies), and they allow you to do some in-depth editing: contrast, brightness, sharpness, vignette effect, tone, etc.

There’s also an app, Color Story, that will help you preview your feed and see how all your future posts will flow together. How cool is that?


How to Look Good in Pictures

You’ve done everything right, and you’ve got the photo you want. Now it’s time to post it! The main question is when? 

If you switch your Instagram profile to a business page, you will have access to a lot of cool insights. One of these insights will let you know the time and day your users are most active. Pretty cool, right? This will help you determine when your post will most likely be seen or liked by your followers. Adding the location tag to your post can also increase your visibility, as many people can see the posts tagged under a specific location.

Hashtag it!

How to Look Good in Pictures

Finally, the most important part is hashtags. You’ll be amazed at how much hashtags can help you with your reach and visibility. People are looking for hashtags ALL the time. How cool would it be if they came across your photo? 

A lot of tools can help you out; look up hashtag software, such as Later or Hashtagify. Hashtags are very helpful, but make sure you don’t go overboard with them.

The Bottom Line

If we want to be honest, we have to admit that today’s world is heavily based on looks and aesthetics. People on social media want to see beautiful photos and feeds. Our eyes are attracted to visuals, and that’s why social media is very popular. The psychology of colors is a real thing. Did you know that 62-90% of first impression is due to colors? That’s why you should pay attention to all the aspects that help you create a beautiful image.  

If you’re wondering how to look good in pictures for social media and are possibly considering becoming an influencer, you’ve got to have the dedication and patience to be able to produce high-quality and professional images. It’s not just a “you either got it or you don’t” type of mindset. Everyone’s got it, and everyone can learn how to take photos like a pro once they know what they want the outcome to be. 

I hope these tips will help better guide you when you decide to do a photoshoot for your social platforms. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about confidence. Once you let self-love and power take over, your inner confidence will glow in front of the camera.

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