Halloween has quickly become one of the most wonderful (and interesting) times of the year! The potential for spooky shenanigans for both adults and children is just tremendous. Halloween opens the door for everyone to embrace their fantasy and showcase some wonder and spontaneity, and this creativity is perhaps no better exhibited than in the variety of intriguing Halloween costume ideas.

Eye-catching costumes don’t have to come from big stores to be appealing. One of the most important things when deciding on a costume is to conceptualize the overall look by breaking it down into simple pieces. Once you get the basic components of your outfit, allow your accessories, hair, and makeup to escalate the look. There’s a lot of power in the details of any Halloween costume.

Literary Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas

There’s nothing quite as fun for literary fans as Halloween. DIY is truly impressive for the more esoteric costumes. Don’t worry if no one understands or gets your costume since Halloween costumes are about you and having fun. Here are some ideas that you can try on a budget that can make a strong impact.


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While Coraline is a popular movie, the original novel by Neil Gaiman is a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Perhaps placing buttons in your eyes and wearing a blue wig with her signature dragonfly clip is something that appeals to you. This easy and budget-friendly costume is a win for all ages when you just pair it up with a yellow raincoat.


Red Riding Hood

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One of the more interesting variations of this red-hooded wonder is combining the storyline of Red and the Wolf. Special effects can create deep gashes across the cheek or wolf hands. Combined with the red hood, it’s possible to create an interesting take on this classic look.


Pop Culture Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas

Pop culture costumes are fun because they forever mark a moment in time when certain topics were so popular that everyone knew about them. Pop culture is a fun way to try your hand at DIY and create variations that best suit your personality.

Cruella de Vil from Cruella

Cruella de Vil might be a popular outfit this year from the movie Cruella. This would be a fun costume to put together, don’t you think?! Can you imagine if you owned a dalmatian too?! With that being said, if you do, you should consider Cruella de Vil as your Halloween costume this year!


“Stranger Things” Robin and Steve

One of the stand-out couples this year was Robin and Steve in their classic Scoops Ahoy costumes. You can either keep them clean and pressed or bloody up the costumes, since fighting with the Russians is hard!


Bob’s Burgers

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This fun-loving show has enough quirky characters to win a Halloween costume party. This show is perfect for a family costume soiree, a solo adventure, or if you need something that’s just easy to create at home. Each character has distinct clothes that you can find anywhere, and local costume shops have everything you need.



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The 90s are popular again, and that’s wild. Popular stores like Target have made getting access to chokers and other fun 90s plaid prints easier than ever before. Perhaps you and your bestie want to embody the partnership of Cher and Dionne, or maybe an iconic Cher outfit inspiration is more your speed.


Remember: it doesn’t say R.S.V.P on the Statue of Liberty, but it may say that on that rad Halloween costume party that you’re going to. So live it up!

Games of Thrones

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While we may know who sits on the throne, there are still plenty of characters to inspire a costume. Daenerys is a great choice, but instead of dying your hair platinum, we might suggest a nice blonde wig to save the integrity of your hair. Also, be mindful that your outfit matches the right hairstyle that Dany wore since fans will probably immediately notice any discrepancies.


Classic Couples Costumes

Halloween costume ideas

Couples’ costumes will never leave the Halloween scene, and we are all for them. But they don’t necessarily have to be romantically inclined. Couples’ costumes are great to bond with your significant other, child, and even bestie.

Morticia and Gomez Addams

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This classic costume has been on the Halloween scene for decades, but if the classic look of Morticia and Gomez isn’t your speed, try making them hipsters or punk rockers. Even classic costumes can be subject to new revivals. But if you decide to stick to the original, you need Morticia’s signature wig and a black dress.


Mad Hatter and Alice

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Tim Burton’s reimagining of Alice in Wonderland has paved the way for a tougher Alice and a wonkier Hatter. Wonderland is truly a fun space to inhabit, so as you create your costumes or buy a store costume, think about the personality traits you want to exhibit as well.


You can also create some great backgrounds for a photo op that can increase the fun factor around your costume.

The Doctor and Any Companion

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Doctor Who has a whole premise of regeneration, which means choosing both your doctor and companion is extra fun. Thrift store hunting is probably perfect for finding the pieces needed to create your ideal Doctor and companion.


Or you can be Matt Smith’s turn as the Doctor would be an especially easy DIY costume with just a bowtie, suspenders, and perhaps even a fez.

Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven

This can easily be either a couple’s Halloween costume or a solo adventure. Dressing like Edgar Allan Poe can be done on a thrift store budget, and dressing like the raven can be easily constructed with all-black attire, including feathers.


Political Costumes

Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes are a time-honored tradition that can enhance any spooktacular event. Not only can costumes be fun, but they can also make statements. Political costumes are a great way to have some highbrow fun and simultaneously showcase your intentions and thoughts. Also, if you’re the type of person who loves contention, then political costumes are probably your best choice!

Any President as a Zombie

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Every president has a distinct aesthetic, but to escalate the look, try a zombie look. Your zombie can be gory and graphic, but perhaps your zombie is proper gentlemen with green skin and both eyes still in their orbital sockets. Is your zombie going to be bloody, or will just a few open holes in the face do?


Pop Culture Political Icons

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Examples like Leslie Knope or Tracy Flick are great ways to have fun with political costumes. It’s also easy to create some campaign buttons to wear or even hand out to sell the costume to others. Of course, you run the risk of people not being hip enough to know who you are, but it doesn’t matter if you have cool swag to hand out. Pop culture political icons are also very easy to DIY.


Political Memes

Memes are an epic way to be creative and silly. For example, the “This Is Fine” meme is a funny meme that most people both relate to and find humorous. Accessories make any costume come to life, so be sure to use them to make the biggest impact.

In conclusion, coming up with the most awesome Halloween costume ideas should come from your sources of inspiration and interest. Historically, Halloween costumes were originally worn to scare away evil spirits that would walk the earth on Halloween night. Now, they allow people to embrace a different side of themselves. So don’t get flustered – just simply think of it as another means of self-expression. This is your night to explore what it’s like to be terrifying, sexy, or maybe terrifyingly clever.

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