Golf is a traditional sport with plenty of rules and regulations. It was a boy’s club type of sport for a long time.

But the entry of more and more women into the sport every year is changing the face of the game. If you’re a woman who golfs, here’s the essential gear to add to your arsenal so that you can outplay the boys on the course.

The Golf Bag

There are certain must-haves for any player, and one of these is a golf bag. It is the golfing equivalent of a handbag and can be a real statement choice if you have the budget.

All bags are designed to protect your clubs, first and foremost. But that’s not all they do. Some even optimize your performance by including golf bag dividers and other essential elements that make it easier to select the right clubs. Still, others feature specially engineered material that is lightweight, making it easier to walk the course.

The Right Clubs

Golf Gear for Female Golfers

What’s the point of a high-end golf bag if the clubs don’t fit?

Women don’t need to play with gender-specific clubs, but women’s golf clubs can provide various benefits. Clubs for women tend to have narrower grips to accommodate women’s smaller hands and shorter shafts to account for their smaller stature. Ultimately, it depends on the woman and the specs she needs in her clubs.

The good news is that golf club manufacturers are paying attention to the fact that more women golf than ever. The newest brands and innovations in clubs are on display every year at the annual PGA Merchandise Show. This event has been running for 65 years and brings the latest designs and innovations to the golfing public.

Multi-Use Apparel

Look back through the archives and see images of unflattering blouses and ill-fitting Bermuda shorts—these were the dark ages of women’s golf apparel.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and now women’s clothes are designed to be comfortable and functional to wear and look good.

Cutting-edge fabrics allow garments to perform as sports clothing without compromising style, a trend in many other sports. There is even the option to push the boundaries and wear something a little risque within the confines of golfing.

There is an increasing trend in both men’s and women’s golf apparel to create pieces that don’t scream ‘golf course’ and are both stylish and universal, doubling up as high-end casual wear in other situations.

Sleek polo shirts, pullovers, and skirt-and-top combinations look elegant and perform on the golf course but easily translate into the clubhouse bar and the high street. Wear to work and then head straight to the course after your day.

Final Thoughts

Women’s golf gear has changed as more ladies take to the course. With the right golf bags, proper fitting clubs, and practical yet fashionable apparel, you can show the good old boys that they better watch out—you’re coming up fast behind them and shooting under par.