Gift Sets for Her
Find the perfect Gift Sets for Her!
Gift Sets for Her
Find the perfect Gift Sets for Her!

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We’re not going to sugarcoat things; women can be difficult to buy for. Unless she’s made it clear what she wants (an engagement ring, perhaps?) it can be challenging to know what to buy the special lady in your life.

That’s where gift sets come to the rescue. There are so many holiday sets for her that will leave her swooning. Whether she’s a beauty babe or a boozy babe (or somewhere in between), you can find a holiday gift set that works for her.

Spa Gift Sets

If there is one thing every woman can agree on, it’s that we love to get pampered – whether it’s done professionally at the spa or home. That said, spa gift sets are an excellent option for just about any woman in your life. Here are our four top picks:

Lavender is the epitome of relaxation, which makes this 9 Piece Lavender and Jasmine Relax Body Care Gift Set a top-notch pick. The set comes with everything she needs to turn her tub into an oasis with two oversized bath bombs, luxurious bath salt, shea butter lotion, and so much more.


For the ladies that prefer the delightful scent of vanilla, the Vanilla Fashion Bath Set Tote is a winner. With 15 pieces to indulge in, this spa gift set is sure to “wow”. She will love massage oil, shampoo bar, soap, body butter, and so much more.


If she doesn’t have a tub, then you need to find shower-specific gift sets such as The Body Shop or the Organic Aromatherapy


Beauty Gift Sets

Beauty gift sets are another great option for women’s Christmas gift sets. The key here is to find out her preferred method of beauty. Some women are struggling with dry skin and cracked hands while others have rampant oily skin. Finding a suitable gift set will be imperative.

For dry skin, the Sephora Hydrate and Glow set is a top pick. The uniquely designed All-Day Hydrator and Ultra Glow Serum work together to moisturize and hydrate her skin, producing a visible boost in glow and radiance. What more could she want?


The Great Skin Everywhere: Skincare Set For Oilier Skin is the best choice for those with oily skin. Perfectly designed for the oily skin type, the three-step system comes with facial soap, lotion, and oil-free gel to remove oil and keep skin looking stellar.


Don’t forget about perfume gift sets for her, too. For some women, beauty is all about the way she smells. Try to find out what her favorite scent is. Or, be daring and find a new brand-new signature scent for her to enjoy. Will she enjoy a classic The Gucci Scent Edit or the citrusy scents of Clinique 3-Pc Wear It & Be Happy Gift Set Give her options with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Wishing You Rescue Set holiday gift set?


Makeup Gift Sets

Does your woman love makeup? Then you will be happy to know that there are tons of makeup holiday gift sets from various brands ranging from Fenty Beauty to Colourpop and more.


We’re a big fan of the Estee Lauder 29 Beauty Essentials gift set. Why? Because it comes with an impressive 29 of Estee Lauder’s most popular products, which she will enjoy. Inside the pack, you will find everything from lipstick to eyeshadow, eye creams, to moisturizers.


Candle Gift Sets

When you visit her home, is it covered with candles? Can you smell the sweet scent of fragrances in every room? Then it might be time to load her up with some new candles she will enjoy. But which one to get?

Opting for a single candle can be challenging, as you might not know which scents she’s into. Well, that’s where candle gift sets for her come into play. There are plenty of options on the market, but a crowd favorite is the VOLUSPA Japonica Mini Candle Set.


This gift set comes with 12 different scents, so she can find exactly what she’s looking for. Inside is an impressive variety of fragrances, from classic vanilla and lavender to out-of-the-box, brand-new fragrances such as Baltic Amber and Apple Blue Clover. They are sure to impress the woman in your life – no problem!

Boozy Gift Sets

Not every woman is into makeup and beauty products, and that’s okay. Plenty of women are into the boozy scene, especially around the holidays. So, surprising her with a boozy holiday gift set is bound to be a great idea.

When it comes to a boozy holiday gift set, there are plenty of choices. The 12 Nights of Wine gift set is a cool idea for the wine lovers out there, as the set comes with eight less-traditional wines for her to taste test.


If you want to surprise her with a two-in-one beauty and treat gift set, the Girl’s Night will do the trick. Inside is Moscato, wine glasses, and an assortment of goodies such as chocolate and fudge to keep her (and her bestie) satisfied through the night.


Coffee Gift Sets

Coffee more her scene? Then a coffee holiday gift set should be sitting under the tree for her. Again, coffee gift sets are all over the place and there’s plenty to choose from. The end goal should be to find a gift set for her that comes with multiple coffee options and maybe a few extra goodies, too. Here are two to consider.

The Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box comes with four artisan coffee flavors and four chocolate bars. Why is this unique? Because with four of each, she can mix and match to find which flavors pair best. This takes coffee drinking to the next level in an all-new and fun way.


This Coffee Gift Basket is also a charming idea. With peanut crunch, pecan straw, and delectable coffee flavors, this is a gift basket that keeps on giving.


Cozy Gift Sets

When it comes time for the holidays, there is nothing better than getting nice and cozy – and I’m sure every woman will agree with me on this. So why not take her coziness and comfort to the next level with a holiday gift set?


The Women’s Festive Merino Wool Gift Box is a fun idea. Inside are four pairs of 24-hour Merino Wool moisture-wicking comfort socks that are designed to keep her nice and warm, even when the temperatures are frightful outside.


Pair it with Luxetique Spa Gifts and you’ll be set. This gift set for her comes with a flannel bathrobe (which will pair perfectly with her Merino wool socks), slippers, and a few extra bathtub goodies to help her get nice and toasty on a holiday evening.

Final Words

If you’re stuck on what to buy the woman in your life, gift sets for her can be an optimal choice. Whether she’s a makeup queen or prefers to unwind with a glass of wine, you can find a holiday gift set she will love. Just make sure that the gift set reflects her interests and she will be so happy with the gift you end up getting her.

What do you put in a women’s gift basket?

The customary ingredients in homemade cosmetics-themed gift baskets for ladies include bath salts (or bubble baths), essential oils, body scrubs, soaps, lotions, face masks, and lip balms.

Which gift is best for ladies?

Gift trays.
Personalized plants, cakes, and mugs
Squishy toys.
purses for her.
Women’s Perfumes.
Her Chocolates.

What is a gift set?

giftset (plural giftsets) a collection of goods packed collectively for sale as gifts.

Which gift set are you considering buying this holiday season?