galentines day party
Celebrate with all your besties!
galentines day party
Celebrate with all your besties!

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Whether you’re planning a lavish Valentine’s Day date with your long-time beau or you’re spending another independent year working on yourself, there is always room for a Galentines Day party.

Uh, say what? If you didn’t know already, women created the Galentines Day party where besties come together to celebrate each other and all of their accomplishments. It’s a fun day of friendly love and good times that takes place on February 13th.

Yeah, we know you’re interested now. Who wouldn’t be? The tricky part is knowing how to throw one of these fabulous female shindigs. But don’t worry. We have come up with some top-notch tips for throwing the best Galentines Day party yet. (Hello, Instagram-worthy photos from sunup to sundown).

Pick a Time & Send Invitations

There are no rules when it comes to Galentines Day parties. As long as the party is held on February 13th, it can officially be a Galentines Day party. For example, some gals might want to put together a slumber party that rolls into February 13th. Others might want to stick to a boozy brunch, while others are night owls and prefer a movie night.

Regardless of when the Galentines Day party is held, it’s crucial to set up your guest list and send out invitations right away. Keep it classy with some girly cards, or get raunchy and fun with some dirty Valentine’s cards.

Put The Menu Together

Pink Lady Punch

Two things should be on every Galentines Day party menu: alcohol and good food. (Of course, if you and your gal pals are straight edges, don’t hesitate to make a pink drink like this yummy pink lady recipe).

Flirty Pink Cocktail

If you and your girls love to get a little tipsy and have a roaring time, then bust out the booze! Cocktails are undeniably a party favorite, and you can choose any one of these flirty pink cocktail recipes. Don’t forget to throw in a few fruity seltzers for the girls that want to relax with an ice-cold beer.

Perfect Pink Wines

galentines day party
Here are the Perfect Pink Wines for this occasion!

Are cocktails and beer not cutting it? Wine lovers will appreciate a selection of pink wines that are totally in line with the theme.

As far as food is concerned, heart-shaped food will be a hit. Whether you serve pizza, pancakes, or a fruit tray, heart-shaped foods scream Galentine’s Day. You can even make your party a baking party to whip up some goodies as a team.


Invitations? Check. Menu? Check. Okay, but where is the party at? While we’re sure you and your besties can have a lavish time without all the “extras”, you want to make this Galentine’s Day party one you will never forget. That’s going to require a bit of decorating. But how?

Honestly, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Galentine’s Day decor. You can 100% stick with a classic Valentine’s Day theme, with heart-shaped balloons and kissy lips all over the place. Everyone will adore that.

You can also take it in a different direction. For example, if you ended up sending dirty Valentine’s cards as invitations, you can continue with the sexy theme. Put up some of the sexiest men (and women) you can imagine. Purchase some items, such as straws and lollipops, that have “extremities” as the design. Get a “special” cake made for the big night.


What kind of party doesn’t have music? Not a very good one. If you want to bring your Galentines Day party to life, make sure you have a killer playlist for you and your lady friends. But which music should you play?

We don’t know your and your friends’ fave music, but we found this Valentine’s Day Mixtape on Spotify that has a mix of everything! Some of your friends might want to play throwback tunes and turn on Britney Spears and Spice Girls. Others will want the country music of today. Still, others might be into the rap scene or hardcore rock. It is a personal preference. As long as it’s something you and your besties are into, it’s bound to be a hit.


Whether you’re throwing an anti-Valentine’s day party, baking party, or day crafting party, you want to throw some games into the mix. There are so many great options on the market. You can also print Galentine’s Day BINGO cards (which are a party favorite).

If you’re planning to buy rather than create, here are a few of the top picks.

  • We’re Not Really Strangers – This game has been trending on social media and should be part of your Galentines Day party! This is an adult game that allows you to build deeper connections with your friends that you already know, and also allows you to get to know those you don’t know anything about! We’re Not Really Strangers is the perfect icebreaker for the night!
  • Cards Against HumanityThis party favorite became a hit almost instantly. It’s sure to bring about so much laughter in a short amount of time. Seriously, this game is so incredibly simple yet everyone has a blast every time.
  • Prosecco PongBeer pong is a thing of the past, especially when we’re talking about girl’s night. Well, Prosecco Pong is a game that brings your college days back to life in an all-new, somewhat sophisticated way. Of course, we won’t mind drinking the bubbly!
  • Karaoke – I can’t think of a bigger party favorite than karaoke. Karaoke is one of those classic games that bring laughter, joy, and emotions. I wonder what songs your friends will want to belt out at the Galentines Day party?
  • Stud or Dud – It’s time to see who your lady friends would pass on and which ones they’d take a romp in the sack with. You can use celebs or hometown men for this one, girls!
  • Gift Exchange – Gift exchanges are always so much fun. You can opt for everyone to bring something specific, like wine or chocolate, or you can let it be free for all under a certain amount.
  • Photo Booth – Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a game, but it’s still tons of fun. Perhaps you could make a contest on who gets the most likes on their Galentine’s Day pics?

Party Favors

When the brunch, lunch, or night is over, you will want to surprise your gal pals with some party favors so they can bring the fun home with them. You know your best friends, and you will know exactly what they’d like as party favors. But here are a few ideas to help you along.

  • Strawberry hearts dipped in chocolate – Do I need to say anymore? So yummy.
  • Miniature wine bottlesBecause everything is cuter (and goody bag friendly) when it’s small-sized.
  • Personalized champagne flutesNothing says “I love you” like something personalized, and your boozy besties will love to use their customized flute whenever they’re ready to get “crunk.”
  • Heart-shaped jewelryYou can go as expensive or simple as you’d like. Some women might prefer to purchase the jewelry, but making your own “BFF” heart-shaped bracelet or necklace is super chic and adorable, too.
  • Thank you cardThanking your besties for coming to your Galentines Day party isn’t overrated. Make it more personal by adding a special note about why you love them.

Final Words

A Galentine’s Day party is a fun way to show your love and appreciation for the best girlfriends in your life. Whether you go with a simple brunch or make an entire night out of it, you and your lady friends are bound to have an incredible time. Just don’t forget to send invitations, create a knockout menu, and decorate your space however you please. Music, games, and party favors don’t hurt, either.

How will you plan your Galentines Day party?

What is a Galentine’s day party?

Celebrate your girlfriends on Galentine’s Day by including as many of them as your financial means will allow. Even better, request that each of your friends bring a buddy.

What do you do at a Galentine party?

Register for a cooking class, a private chef experience, or both.
Host a mixology party. Go on a food tour.
Invite Your Friends to a Baking Contest.
Have a wine exchange.
Fondue Night, Charcuterie Night

What date is Galentine’s day 2022?

13 February
Galentine’s Day falls on what day? February 13—Valentine’s Eve—is Galentine’s Day.

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