Making a fashion statement is no longer just about wearing high heels and dresses. Comfortable clothing has become the new trend, and we’re so excited! We’re not saying you should throw out every classy outfit you have, but you can rest assured that even when you’re chilling in your sneakers and sweatpants, you will still look fabulous.

We’re tired of wearing uncomfortable clothing just to look good. And guess what? All the trendsetters in the world agree with us. Celebrities have been rocking their activewear and sneakers, and we want in.

As a sneakers lover myself, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve tried to wear sneakers with every type of outfit you can imagine: dresses, skirts, jeans, and more. I would be glad to share my tips and tricks with all of you fashion lovers!

Below, I have included my favorite looks along with some of my favorite (and trendiest) sneakers. Are you ready for the ultimate female fashion advice?

Sneakers With a Dress

We’re talking about casual dresses of course. Pair low top sneakers like Converse or Air Force 1s with a cute summer dress. I always go for sneakers that are not too bulky when I decide to match them with a dress. 

If you’re going for a casual, laid-back look, try out this dress from ASOS:

Pair it with these classic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

And if you want a sexier, bolder look, this is the perfect dress for you:

Pair it with Nike Air Max 90 triple white sneakers .

Or if you want a chic outfit, this maxi summer dress with this pair of Converse sneakers are definitely the right choice for you!

Sneakers With a Skirt

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable days of wearing high heels with your skirts. Yes, we’re serious: you will look just as amazing with a pair of sneakers. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with pain in your feet or back!

Do you love wearing mini skirts? Or do you prefer maxi skirts? Good news: I’m going to show you how you can rock sneakers with both. With this cute mini skirt from Pretty Little Thing, wear a pair of low top Air Force 1s. And with this super cute maxi skirt, throw on a pair of Jordan 1s. You will look like a celebrity, I promise.

A bonus tip: if you want to wear a crop top with your outfit, try pairing it with any of these cute handbags!

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Sneakers With Biker Shorts

Have you noticed how popular biker shorts have become lately? They’re not only super comfortable, but they’re also super cute. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian seem to love them. In fact, we can see why Mrs. Kardashian West would love to wear sneakers; her husband’s Yeezy collection has dominated the world of streetwear!

Biker shorts look great with the right pair of sneakers. You can also find different colors for your shorts and color-coordinate with your shoes as well. 

My preference for this outfit is a pair of running shoes. Cute, light, and comfortable, they will give your outfit the perfect sprinkle of awesomeness. Here are some of my top choices for biker short and sneakers you can wear: 

Another tip I’d like to share with you is to throw on a cute sweater with this outfit. Here are some of my favorite sweaters. You can thank me later!

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Sneakers With Sweatpants

This is my personal favorite combination. Perfect for all seasons and all sorts of activities, sweatpants are my obsession. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also a new trend. I usually prefer baggier sweatpants and high tops when I go for this look. But the good news is that there’s plenty of options for you out there if you want to experiment with colors, patterns, or styles. Here are some of my favorite designs for sweatpants and my top sneakers to go with them!

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Here’s a female fashion advice from someone who is sweatpants obsessed: pair your sweatpants with a matching cropped hoodie. You’ll be ready to make a fashion statement!

Sneakers With Jeans 

This is a classic outfit. Whether you decide to go with high-waist, low-waist, mom, or boyfriend jeans, sneakers will find a way to make your outfit look fabulous. You can get creative with one. Wear Converse with wide-leg pants, high tops with high-waist pants and a crop top, or Air Force 1s with skinny jeans! May your choices be bold and your outfit be awesome!

Check out some of my favorite jeans and sneakers. I love wearing a bodysuit with this outfit. I’ll also throw some options for you to add to your amazing look. If a bodysuit is too uncomfortable for you, wear an oversized shirt. If it’s too cold, try on a long coat with your outfit. Trust me, you will look fabulous.

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To Sum Up

To sum up, fashion nowadays is very subjective and free. What I mean by that is that the fashion world is welcoming active and streetwear with open arms, and we’re very grateful for that! 

We can’t deny that celebrities were major trendsetters when it came to promoting casual outfits with a sprinkle of chic. They gave fashion a new definition when they showed the world that you can show up to a Met Gala with a pair of fresh sneakers.

Supermodels like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are perfect examples of celebs who are known for their great fashion taste. Even Meghan Markle impressed us when she was seen rocking a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Not only is it comfortable to dress in activewear or casual clothing, but brands nowadays are focusing on making sneakers and outfits look trendy and chic. Sneakers have entered the world of luxury and have brought both style and comfort. What more can we ask for?

Let us know which one of the outfits caught your eye or which sneakers are your favorite!

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