No outfit is truly complete without a few accessories to complement your clothes. However, accessories can do more than just add a bit of flair, they can also be functional and add practicality to your outfit. So here are some pieces that can elevate your look whilst also fulfilling a logistical need.


fashionable and practical eyewear

Sunglasses are a popular accessory choice to enhance an outfit whilst also achieving the critical function of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and enabling you to see clearly when the sun is shining. However, eyewear is not limited to just sunglasses as plain glasses have been a fashion accessory for decades now. 

From the large aviator glasses popular in the 70s to the geek chic thick frames that were common in the 00s. Whilst prescription glasses are obviously a necessity for some, this is not the only way to make your glasses functional. Get yourself a pair of stylish blue-light-blocking glasses that can help protect your eyes during extended periods of time spent staring at a screen. Check out EyeBuyDirect to see what kind of blue light blocking glasses you can purchase, for both prescription and non-prescription lenses.


fashionable and practical belts

Belts have come in many different forms over the years, and they have not always been functional. We are talking elasticated waist belts over dresses and delicately placed chain belts that act only as ornamental pieces. Although you could argue that waist belts serve a function in terms of cinching in your waist and giving you an hourglass figure, the classic belt serves a much more important function of holding up your pants. 

If you pair a belt with high-waisted trousers, then it could provide both of these services. However, the classic belt used to hold up jeans or trousers has been more of a fashion piece, and you now have your pick of a variety of different styles such as eye-catching chunky buckles, playful patterns, or chic designer labels to add a bit of glamour.


fashionable and practical watches

Watches have always been a fashion statement right from those pocket watch days. They can be a symbol of wealth or simply an ornamental piece of jewelry. But watches also provide a helpful service of telling us the time, something which may be less and less important now that we have a smartphone glued to our hands, but nonetheless it is an accessory that serves a function. If you are looking towards the more modern interpretation of a watch then consider a smartwatch that is basically a smartphone on your wrist and offers versatility through interchangeable straps.


fashionable and practical shoes

Shoes undeniably serve a purpose in protecting your feet, but we often feel that the more functional and practical a shoe is the uglier it is going to be, which is just not the case. Flats, boots and fashionable sneakers have become more and more popular as something to complete your outfit rather than simply providing a practical use. Sneakers can be worn with more formal wear, flat shoes are much more acceptable for the office than they once were and practical boots are as popular as ever.