If one thing is true about the current younger generations, it’s that we are conscious of and care a lot about the effect our choices have on the environment. Whether it’s using reusable shopping bags, limiting our consumption of single-use plastics, or buying from ethically sourced brands, Gen Z and Millennials are making big strides towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

However, buying and consuming ethically is not always easy. With some of the largest and most easily accessible clothing brands being large fast-fashion companies, it can be difficult to obtain ethically sourced products (that we like) for a reasonable price. That’s where we step in. Today, we are bringing you five ethical and sustainable fashion brands for all of your clothing needs. So you can help save the planet and look great while doing it. 

Project Social T

First on the list of ethical clothing brands we love is a brand we have talked about in the past, Project Social T. This brand is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and they pride themselves on having products that are both designed and produced in LA.

Not only are their products produced ethically and sustainably, but every year they have a “project”. These projects consist of donations to charities across the United States as well as helping to build awareness. They donate $5,000 a month to their chosen charity, and they also feature information about the chosen charity on the tags of their products. Project Social T has helped several charities already, including Waymakers, Children Need More, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and most recently the Grace Rose Foundation. 

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Patagonia is a trailblazer when it comes to being an ethical and sustainable brand. They are part of the “1% for the Planet” initiative. This means that 1% of their yearly sales will be donated to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. In addition, they are known for their sustainability initiatives and use of organic materials.

If that wasn’t enough, they are also a Certified B Corporation. To really top it all off, they also have some of the best quality outdoor products on the market. That includes clothing for all kinds of weather and outdoor activities, gear, and accessories – you name it. Even if you’re just looking for something cute for your next adventurous vacation, Patagonia has you covered.

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If you’re looking for eco-friendly swimwear, you have found it. There’s a reason Summersalt made it on our list of ethical companies. This (largely swimwear) brand uses recycled fabrics to create their pieces. In addition to that, all of their fabrics are eco-friendly, and some of their fabrics (like Cupro) are even vegan and cruelty-free! In addition, all of their shipping bags are made from recycled materials and include a double adhesive. This helps reduce waste for possible returns. All in all, Summersalt is a great brand that has made huge strides towards eco-friendly and ethical fashion. 

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Whimsy and Row

If you’ve been looking for eco-friendly and ethical companies, then Whimsy and Row is perfect for you. This clothing brand has some seriously cute pieces and some seriously good values. All of their clothing is made in the U.S. from either sustainably sourced materials or deadstock fabrics. In addition to this, the company prides itself on its carbon neutrality and efforts to save water.

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MATE The Label

Mate the Label may be the last on our list, but it is not the last in our hearts. There are lots of great ethical companies, but we especially love this one because of their focus on inclusivity. Their size range goes from XS all the way up to 3X (up to a US size 20).

And they’re working on expanding their size range even further! All of their products are made with natural, organic materials and are produced here in the United States. And to really top it off, all of their packagings is recyclable! They even provide a yearly report where you can see their effect on the environment. The report mentions where they obtain their materials and all of their environmental efforts.

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So which of these ethical companies and brands are you most interested in? Are there any that you especially like? If you find yourself wearing some of these brands, just tag us on Instagram @successible_life with #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted! Otherwise, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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