There is no article of clothing more cozy and comfortable than a hoodie. A hoodie can warm you on a cold day, and it is the perfect thing to wear when you are exercising. You can pull the hood over your head if you have a bedhead, a bad haircut, or just wind-damaged locks. When paired with sunglasses, a hoodie can make you feel like a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi. Nowadays, you can customize a hoodie and profit from selling it online.

How to Make Customized Sweatshirts

It used to be that you would have to go to a professional silk screener to put a design or lettering on a sweatshirt. Today, there are on-demand printing companies online that will provide the tools to create your shirt. They will also print the shirt out for you and send it to you.

They will have a warehouse filled with hoodies of every size and color. They will also have other styles of shirts, such as T-shirts, regular sweatshirts, tank tops, a pair of socks, or a tote bag that your design can be printed on.

How to Sell Your Shirt

Once you have designed your shirt, you can set up an online store on the e-commerce platform of your choice. You can display your hoodie in your store. When people order it, the on-demand printing company can print it for you and send it out to your customers. They will take the cost of the printing and shipping out of your profit.

Your Wits can Finally Make You Some Money

If you are the funny one in your group of friends, you can capitalize on your humor. You can put a clever or sarcastic saying on your shirts. Funny shirts such as “I’m with stupid”, “I’m not as think as you drunk I am,” and “sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come” have been best sellers for a long time.

You Can Inspire Others to Live a Better Life

Are you the person your friends turn to for advice? If you can always think of something inspirational to say, you can put some of your wisdom on a hoodie and spread the word around.

Sometimes a shirt with a single word can be a best seller. Shirts saying “resist,” “breathe”, or “exhale” can remind people of something that is important to them.

Make Your Geekiness Profitable

Are you a superfan of a musician, TV show, or film franchise? If so, you probably know more about those things than the average person. You can make a shirt with an obscure reference to your favorite song, film, or show.

Other fans will love it, and they will want to show their allegiance. If you don’t want to use a quote, you can put a picture of your favorite character on your hoodie.

Make Team Shirts

Do you have artistic talent? Can you make a beautiful logo? If you can, you can design logos for local teams and organizations and put them on a hoodie. The organization that hires you will need a shirt for everyone on the team or the club. This can mean a major profit for you.

You are an imaginative person, and your ideas deserve to be seen. You can find out more by doing some research.