Using crystals for various purposes is not new, as this concept has been around for centuries. However, with celebrities like Megan Fox, Adele, Kate Hudson, and even Kate Middleton swearing by the stones’ incredible powers and properties, it’s not surprising that crystals are becoming increasingly popular these days. 

You can’t blame those people for jumping on the bandwagon. Beyond their stunning physical features, crystals are also said to help attract good fortune, channel-positive vibes, improve sleep, and more. In some ancient cultures, such as China, Greece, and Egypt, crystals are believed to have healing properties. 

With these, perhaps you’re planning to start your own collection of gems, or you already have one, but don’t know where or how to start. Or maybe just out of curiosity, you want to know how you can use crystals in your daily routine. Either way, here are some surprising tips and hacks that can help you out: 

Keep Some On Your Work Desk 

You may have heard that crystals are often used when meditating or performing a ritual to help soothe the soul, relax the body, and calm the mind. But did you know these stones can also promote mental clarity, creativity, and productivity? That’s why crystal lovers bring their crystals to work to keep on their office desks. 

If you’re into creative work, try putting chunks of purple crystals in your work area to stimulate imagination and inspire creative ideas. Amethyst, in particular, may help clear your mind and relieve headaches so you can focus on your tasks at work. On the other hand, Clear Quartz may aid in improving concentration and memory.

Another excellent crystal option is ametrine, a combination of citrine and amethyst. The stone harmonizes and promotes a calm mind when going through stressful situations, so you can carefully consider all your options and arrive at a more coherent decision.  

Travel And Explore With Crystals 

Another surprising way you can use your go-to crystals is by carrying them with you whenever you need to travel for work or leisure. Gems are known to protect in a variety of scenarios, such as defending yourself from the harmful energy of others or guarding against mishaps, accidents, injuries, and harm.

Even when traveling constitutes your daily commute to and from work or school, having your stones with you can make all the difference. Crystals may provide an extra layer of protection against any negative energy in public spaces. When you’re familiar with the different crystal meanings and their purposes, you can use them to your advantage whenever you leave the confines of your own home or office. 

The best crystals to bring when traveling include the Fire Agate that aids in encouraging a deep feeling of security and safety, and the Smoky Quartz that you can use to shield you from the stress and negativity that comes with traveling. This crystal is also believed to offer protection against vehicle breakdown and road rage. 

Indulge In A Crystal Bath 

Crystals In Your Daily Routine

Taking a calming crystal bath is a surprising yet simple method to incorporate crystal energy into your daily routine. Add some stones to the water to give your bath time a posher vibe. However, not all crystals are created to be submerged in water, so ensure to check first. Obsidian is known to possess a low level of toxicity, making it a fine crystal to use for bathing.  

Additionally, consider what benefits you wish to gain when choosing which crystals to use for your bath. Turquoise is a good choice if you’re stressed from work because of its soothing effects. You can also go for rose quartz, suitable for feminine empowerment and healing emotional wounds.   

You can also add essential oils to your bathwater to help amplify the benefits of your crystals. Add two to three drops of jasmine or lavender into the water to attain a more peaceful and relaxing state of mind and body.  

Get Fancy With Crystal-Infused Water 

Want to know one of the latest trends in the crystal world? Crystal-infused water. Sounds too fancy for your taste? You’re in for a surprise because infusing your drink with crystal isn’t as complicated as you think.  

While there’s really no evidence to suggest the effectiveness of this fad, celebrities are pretty convinced of the excellent benefits they can get from it. The likes of Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to have nothing but praises for the transformation they’ve achieved as a result of drinking from crystal-infused water bottles. 

Before trying this trend, make sure you do your research first so you can determine which crystals are safe to use. Some gems may be toxic when added to water, including pyrite, moonstone, cinnabrite, azurite, and algodonite.  

Sleep Your Worries Away With Bedtime Crystals 

Crystals aren’t just for daytime routines—you can also use them to cap the night off after a long day at work. Keeping a ‘worry stone’ by your bedside table is one convenient way to free your mind from anxious thoughts and other negative emotions that may be weighing you down.  

You can use the worry stone by placing it between your fingers and stroking your thumb along the indentation. When doing so, close your eyes and imagine all the worries, concerns, and tension in your mind and body passing through your palm and your thumb. The crystal will collect and transform that energy as you continue to perform the routine. 

Another way to use crystals during bedtime is by placing one or two under your pillow. Doing this is believed to prevent nightmares and insomnia so that you can sleep better at night. You can also consider embedding a dreamcatcher with stones to intensify its effects. When looking for the perfect worry stone or bedtime crystal, choose one that can help relieve stress and anxiety, such as smoky quartz, purple amethyst, blue lace agate, red jasper, and selenite. 

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, there are more than enough surprising yet easy ways to use crystals in your daily routine. Even if you’re not a big fan of their benefits, you can always give it a try by considering the tips mentioned above. Before you know it, you’re already collecting an array of crystals that you can use in different ways and for various purposes.