Are you considering relocating to The Golden State? If so, you’ll be joining over thirty-nine million people currently residing in California, solidifying it as the nation’s most populous state. Home to Hollywood stars, beautiful beaches, moderate weather all year round, diverse culture, and delicious food – The Golden State has a lot to offer potential relocators.

As well as boasting a variety of recreational activities, California is also renowned for being one of the most popular states for career prospects and settling down. Between the redwoods and the beaches, California has several incredible cities to call home, from iconic cities like Los Angeles or San Diego to lesser-known towns like Santa Cruz or Moraga.

Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Moraga is a Californian town slowly but surely attracting more and more relocators. Typical suburbia with a heightened emphasis on community, Moraga real estate is ideal for families wishing to expand their roots without the hustle and bustle California is known for. To get you even more excited about the prospect of relocating to the Contra Costa County, we discuss what to expect below:

High Cost Of Living

Since California is the third-largest state in the United States, it’s only expected that the cost of living varies from city to city. It is exceptionally high in desirable areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco, but this can fluctuate as you move away from the state’s center and look at the cost of living in surrounding cities.

Moraga offers potential relocators a slightly better cost of living than Los Angeles and San Francisco. Yet, it is still 91% higher than the national average, including utilities, grocery, healthcare, transportation, and housing.

Although California’s high wages somewhat balance this, the median home prices in The Golden State are nearly 88% higher than the national average, meaning a typical California resident might be spending almost half their monthly pay on housing.

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Getting Around In California

Contra Costa County

Predominately the most popular way of getting around in California is by car, which means that you’ll have to equate the cost of insurance, gas, and buying or leasing a vehicle into your Californian budget. As you can probably expect after our previous point, the cost of gas is quite expensive in The Golden State, with the average price per gallon being $6.

As a common theme in California, car insurance costs are also on the high side – yet Californian residents can avoid this by shopping around with multiple car insurance providers to find a better deal.

No worries if you don’t drive either, as The Golden State has various public transport options for non-drivers to take advantage of. Although the effectiveness of said public transportation system may vary from city to city, those who relocate to Contra Costa County can expect to make the most out of buses, subways, ferries, and light rail services.

Career Opportunities In California

Due to the state’s sheer size, California has an endless variety of career opportunities for new residents. The Golden State is renowned for its bustling economy. Its diverse number of industries can take a large portion of the credit, meaning that there is just about any type of job available for fresh residents.

Notable industries in California are agriculture, tourism, and trade, yet if you go further south toward Los Angeles, you can also find entertainment industries like music, film, and television. If you plan to settle down in the Bay Area, be prepared to be surrounded by technology giants such as Apple, Facebook, or Google – not to mention smaller-scale technology companies and start-ups.

Fortunately, the average household income in California is among the highest in the country, yet the high cost of living offsets this. Ultimately, if you’re relocating to California with no career prospects in mind, you’re sure to find a home in one of the many industries that call The Golden State home.

Activities In California

As well as being an excellent place to live if your goal is career advancement, The Golden State offers residents many recreational activities when off the clock. Whether you consider yourself an indoors person or an outdoors person – there is something for everyone to do in California.

Since the weather is reasonable all year round, if you like the outdoors, you could consider exploring one of the many beaches, engaging in water sports, completing one of the hiking trails, or spending the day in a national park.

In contrast, if being outside is not your idea of fun, there are plenty of eateries, museums, libraries, and other indoor activities for you to explore. One thing is for sure; you’ll never get bored with this host of activities right on your doorstep!