Christmas Cards
Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas Cards!
Christmas Cards
Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas Cards!

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Some people think Christmas cards or Holiday Cards are a thing of the past, reminding them of those adorable card designs (yet somewhat cheesy) cards on their Grandmother’s fireplace mantle. But be honest – although they might seem old-school, there is nothing quite like receiving, or even sending, a charming Family Christmas card full of love and your favorite family photos.

Well, if you’re on the fence about Christmas cards and aren’t sure whether or not you should send cards to friends – or can’t seem to find cute a Family Christmas card to suit your needs – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But this article is here to help. Below, you will find all of the must-know info about Christmas cards. From the latest trends and modern designs consumers to the most lovely family Christmas card on the market, you’ll find answers to your most prying questions.

Brief History of Christmas Cards

First Christmas Card
When and where did this tradition begin?

Have you ever wondered where Christmas cards originated? Certainly, they didn’t pop up out of anywhere. Everything has a beginning – including the Christmas card or Xmas Card. And surprisingly enough, they aren’t too much different from the modern Xmas card sent in the 21st century.

The history of Christmas cards dates back to before 1843. It began as a British Christmas tradition, where people would write lengthy notes to their loved ones to open and read on Christmas Day.

The tradition of Christmas cards boomed considerably in the 1850s, and in 1860, the first stationer – Marcus Ward – was created with a sole focus on Christmas cards. In 1873, the tradition finally entered the United States thanks to a man named Louis Prang who introduced a card catalog of affordable cards for family and friends. From there, the rest was “history.” Although the Christmas card craze has had its ups and downs, it remains a popular option for gifters as they can play around with card ideas from card collections for their loved ones.

World’s First Christmas Card

While Christmas cards were a common thing in Britain during Christmas time, the first actual Christmas card – which would be designed, printed, and sent in bulk to loved ones – was created in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole.

The Christmas card featured three sections with distinct imagery. The middle section featured a dinner party scene, while the opposing sections were decorated with various acts of kindness. To finish it off, the words “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” were proudly displayed.

Christmas Shopping Trends

Christmas Cards
Personalize your own Christmas Cards!

However, one interesting statistic is that consumers are looking for less trendy polka-dot Christmas cards and more personal gifts. It seems as though finding something “heartfelt” is the ultimate way to go in 2022 – and honestly, what better way to give a personal gift than with Friendly Cards for a boyfriend or a card for a girlfriend?

This year, we would like to mention seven prominent Christmas shopping trends. Some are obvious, such as using credit cards (everyone is guilty of that – right?), and the bulk of shopping will take place online.

Do People Still Buy Christmas Cards?

While some people may describe Christmas cards as “outdated,” studies have shown that people are still buying Christmas cards in 2022. There are many fascinating statistics regarding Christmas cards (and other greeting cards). Some of the most astonishing include:

  • The greeting card biz showed considerable numbers in 2020 – $23 billion, to be exact.
  • More than six billion greeting cards are purchased by Americans alone per year.
  • On average, Americans spend roughly $29 per year on greeting cards and card envelopes.

So, to answer the question of whether or not people still buy Christmas cards, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Kinds of Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards are all about customizing the perfect card!

At this point, you’re likely curious about sending out your batch of Christmas cards to loved ones. But what kind of Christmas cards are out there? How can you make sure you end up with the card type you’re completely satisfied with?

Basic Invite

One great place to shop for cute Christmas cards is Basic Invite. Basic Invite is the only business that provides unlimited color options with immediate previews of the final product – both online and in-person. With over 180 colors to choose from and an additional 40 envelope color options, it’s as easy as Christmas pie to craft a cute Christmas card template you’re happy with.


A collection of Holiday Cards is available on Basic Invite, and you can be as simple or as complex as desired. Feel free to mix and match until you create a “traditional” Christmas card you’re satisfied with. You can even opt for one of their fantastic foil creations – flat or raised.

Then order a printed sample of your Christmas card to make sure you’re happy with it before sending it out to your friends and loved ones.

Oh, and don’t worry – sending your cute Christmas card is a cinch. With Basic Invite’s address-capturing service, you can easily share a link on social media platforms for your loved ones to enter their info. Their name and address will be saved to your account, making it a breeze to send Christmas cards – it’s a Christmas miracle!

Take advantage of this service and order all the friendly holiday greeting cards you need to gain free standard shipping.

Holiday Photo Cards

Did you take some adorable Christmas photos with your family? Whether you have a family of ten or it’s just a cute flick of you and your pooch, you likely want to add the image to your Christmas card.

Well, you can do this on Basic Invite – and as you may have guessed, it’s pretty simple (which can’t be said for all Christmas card platforms – some are so complicated you’ll feel like The Grinch by the time you’re done!).

When you opt to make your holiday photo card on Basic Invite, you’ll still get to enjoy all of the customization options the website has to offer. Think – unlimited personalized perfect card paired with your charming Christmas photo. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

Pssst. If you’re still unsure if Basic Invite is right for you, they’re offering an incredible special – 15% off with code 15FF51. You have no choice but to make a traditional Christmas card of photocards on Basic Invite!


Not everyone wants to deal with “snail mail.” If you consider yourself more of a techy during the holiday season – or just don’t have the time to get everyone’s addresses and shipping policies – you might consider going with an E-card instead.

An e-card is similar to any other type of Christmas card. The difference? You’ll be sending them electronically. You can think of e-card messages as “modern Christmas cards.” But don’t worry – they can be just as unique, customizable, and special as those sent through the mail. This one can even be a funny greeting card to add more joy to the holiday season.


Postcards tend to have a bit more of a personal touch about them. That’s because you can write individual messages to all of your loved ones, ensuring they have a truly genuine gift from the heart.

Again, just like all other types of Christmas cards, you can dress up your postcards however you’d like even for business holiday cards. Just be prepared to get your pen or pencil out for some writing. After all, those lines aren’t going to fill out themselves!

Consider Sending Christmas Cards to Your Loved Ones This Year!

Christmas Cards
A joyful message is a perfect touch during the holiday season!

If you want a charming and personal gift that will make your loved ones smile, consider sending cute Christmas cards plus an amazon gift card *wink wink*. Whether you opt for traditional or modern Christmas cards, you can find exactly what you’re looking for on Basic Invite. Basic Invite offers an incredible level of customization you simply won’t find elsewhere. Plus, you can receive an in-person copy before you send the cards out, ensuring you are 100% satisfied before having them delivered to friends and family. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

What is the best website for Christmas cards?

Basic Invite, Hallmark, Artifact Uprising, Papier, Rifle Paper Co., Etsy, Minted, and Paper Culture

What is a good Christmas card message?

“Peace and happiness this Christmas to you and your family.” I’d want to wish you a very happy holiday season and lots of fishing opportunities in the coming year. I’m thinking about you all with love and sending your families additional comfort, happiness, and hope this Christmas. Have the most joyous Christmas ever!

What is better for Christmas cards matte or glossy?

Matte paper has steadily gained popularity as a social stationery material for cards, announcements, and invitations. When printed on matte paper, your photos will not only appear softer and more inviting, but the silky, smooth surface will also make them appear more upscale.

Are you planning to send Christmas cards to your loved ones this year?