There are several factors to the cost of car insurance that providers consider before giving you a final price on your coverage. The cheapest car insurance Florida can be different from one person to another.

The cost of an annual full car insurance coverage in Florida is $2,364. That is higher than the national average of $1,674. That is due to bad weather in the state, busy roads, and the number of tourists. 

That does not mean you have to live with that, though. There are ways for you to get a better price on your premium.

Get the Right Coverage

First of all, you need to get the right coverage for yourself. The minimum requirement in the state of Florida is to have $10,000 Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 Personal Damage Liability.

While that covers a big chunk of the cost if you get into an accident, there are times it is not enough. The medical and property damage bills caused by a major collision can easily surpass $10,000. 

That does not mean you should immediately sign up for the widest car insurance coverage you can find. That will be expensive. The idea is to get the right coverage you can afford.

Bodily injury liability is a good example. It covers the medical and funeral expenses of other people involved in the accident if you are at fault. 

You have to be smart in choosing your car insurance coverages to get discounts on your premium.

Find the Right Discounts

car insurance in florida

Most car insurance providers offer certain discounts. They have prerequisites that differ from one company to another. The idea is the same, but the details vary. 

Some of the usual discounts you can try to ask about are:

  1. The loyalty discount is for customers who stay with the same insurance provider for a certain number of years.
  2. Students can get a good grades discount. That is an added incentive to studying hard.
  3. You can get all your insurance needs from the same provider to get a multiple policy discount. If you need policies for your house, apartment, or other vehicles, this is a good deal to go after. And, you get to work with a single company, making things simpler.

You can also take the extra step to get lower premiums. 

Keep a Clean Driving Record

Insurance providers will give better deals to customers who have clean driving records. That means they do not have any history of crashing their car or getting into an accident. Avoid getting traffic tickets and causing any infraction.

Showing that you are a safe and responsible driver is one of the best ways to keep your premium low. 

If you do get a ticket, you can dismiss the point by taking a traffic school course.

Take Traffic School Courses

You can dismiss points against your driving from traffic tickets by taking and completing traffic school courses. 

At the same time, it shows insurance providers that you are serious about being safe on the road. If you are safe, you decrease the risk of getting into an accident. That means you will not claim on the policy. And they like that. 

Online courses are now available. You can complete them at your own pace at home. Brush up on your driving skills and enjoy discounts on your insurance.

Choose Your Car Model

Particular car models are known to be reliable and safe. They have statistics on which cars are least involved in accidents. Doing some research can help you choose the right vehicle from the start to help reduce your insurance premium.

There is research on which car colors are safer. White vehicles, for example, are the most visible in any weather condition. That is perfect for Florida and can also help in reducing the coverage price.

If you are planning to buy a new car, take the time to research reliable and safe vehicles. 

Always Park Safely

Insurance providers can factor your parking space into the price of the premium. If you have a locked garage, as opposed to parking out in the open, they can reduce the cost. That is especially true if you live in a neighborhood with a crime rate. 

It is all about safety. If you have the car out in the open, many things can happen to it. Unexpected damages, theft, and vandalism are just some examples. 

Compare Prices

car insurance in florida compare prices

When shopping for a car insurance policy in Florida, never forget to compare the prices of similar coverages. You can compare what you are getting with what you are paying for. 

Visit three or four companies and request quotes. Once you get home, you can compare them side-by-side to see which one can give you the most coverage for the least amount of money. You can also factor in discounts you qualify for when comparing.

Remember, the cheapest is not always the best. It is about getting the most coverage at the right price that you can afford. If you want more ways to cut expenses and save money here’s another article that you might enjoy as well!