Have you ever heard of a “capsule wardrobe”? A capsule wardrobe is essentially a modern and trendy name used for a small collection of interchangeable clothing pieces. We are especially big fans of the seasonal capsule wardrobes. While some ladies can be so minimalist and wear the same pieces all year long, we like to change it up at least once a quarter and add in some seasonally appropriate pieces.

Having a capsule wardrobe has many benefits, but two of the best are cost savings and time savings. If you are looking to make your life more efficient, start with your wardrobe. If you are anything like our staff, you probably spend way too much money on clothes, so having a capsule wardrobe will prevent you from falling into poor spending habits. You will only need about a dozen or two interchangeable pieces.

Instead of buying fast fashion pieces, you will lean towards longstanding classic pieces. In fact, you may even have a few of our staple pieces in your closet already! The other key benefit of a capsule wardrobe is the amount of time you will save.

If you have ever woken up with the thought of “what am I going to wear today” or the dreaded “I have nothing to wear”, having a capsule closet is going to transform your life! You will always know what you have and how to style it because it’s foolproof! 

We know saying goodbye to how you normally shop sounds daunting. Rest assured, we are here to help!  We have created a capsule wardrobe checklist of essentials you will need for a chic and minimalist closet that you will love to wear time after time and again.

Black Skinny Jeans:

With cooler temperatures on our way, it’s time to start showing off our much-loved and lived-in denim. You can start your perfect capsule wardrobe with figure-flattering, dark skinny jeans. Dark skinny jeans are great for day or night and for work or play. We are big fans of black skinny jeans because of their versatility and ability to be high fashion with the right top and shoes. Pair them with a black blouse or a white tee for a look that’s always chic & put together.

White V Neck:

Are you looking for a casual must-have piece for your capsule wardrobe? Well, the classic white V-neck will be the perfect addition. You probably already have one of these tried and true tees, but in case you don’t, we’ll link some of our favorites. The typical look of a white V-neck is with jeans, but why not be a little more playful? Wear it on top of a solid-colored fitted dress and tie the ends in a knot or pair them with some culottes.  

Leather Skirt:

Just as a leather motorcycle jacket can add a casual rock girl touch to outfits, so can a leather skirt (but in a more refined, subtle way). Pair your leather skirt with a chunky sweater and add some leggings or tights under them for cooler weather, and it will instantly add a touch of rocker chic to your look.

Remember when you pick a leather skirt to add to your capsule closet to choose one you won’t get tired of. Do not pick ones with rhinestones or other embellishments because they may make your outfit look dated. Pick a single color leather skirt with a good fit. We promise you won’t regret it.

Tan Trench Coat:

A tan trench coat is an all-time favorite essential of a capsule wardrobe for everyone. Could you imagine fall with no trench coat? We can’t either! With no time to change or go full glam on your makeup, you can quickly toss this coat over the jeans and sweatshirt, add some heels and a bold lipstick, and off you go! A trench coat is another classic that never goes out of style and lends itself to being effortlessly chic.


A long time ago, turtlenecks were reserved for your grandma, but those days are long over! Turtlenecks have become a staple in capsule wardrobes everywhere. You can transform a lot of casual looks to elegant looks with a classic turtleneck. Pair a chunky turtleneck with a wool coat and jeans along with boots for a perfect winter look OR skip the coat and boots for a cool fall look.

Chambray Shirt: 

A chambray shirt is another great addition to your capsule wardrobe. A chambray shirt can double as a top or a light jacket. We love to style a chambray shirt with a tucked-in white V-neck, black jeans, and some cheetah print flats. If you want to add some fun, then choose chambray as a top with white jeans, black jeans, or olive colored jeans. Perhaps our favorite styling for a chambray shirt is over a casual little black dress and some sneakers.

Little Black Dress: 

Speaking of little black dresses, when you think of adding essentials to your capsule wardrobe, it’s impossible to complete your closet without a little black dress. LBDs give you a stylish and sophisticated look that sizzles with your personality.

These little black dresses are comfortable enough to wear all day and stylish enough to take you way into the night. You do not need much to make a statement with a little black dress, but you can add some sparkly accessories to glam it up a bit.

You can wear a little black dress over and over again, especially when you experiment with bolder pieces and pop colors to give your outfit a new and trendy touch.  This is another outfit that can completely be transformed with the shoes you pick.

Patterned jumpsuit: 

We’ve talked a lot about basics, but what about a fun piece? A patterned jumpsuit isn’t a must-have, but it is certainly nice to have. If you are in a hurry and want to look good with minimum effort, put on your patterned jumpsuit, and you are ready to go. Compliment your look with high heels and some dainty accessories. As your capsule wardrobe will already be mostly full of solid articles, you can throw on that trench coat over this jumpsuit or that white V-neck over the jumpsuit.  A printed jumpsuit is such a fun way to mix up your capsule wardrobe.


Another piece that’s nice to have and is starting to become essential in our fashionista’s capsule closet is a pair of culottes. You may be wondering why. Culottes are extremely comfortable and super trendy. They are another piece that can follow you from work to happy hour. Dress them up or dress them down; the decision is yours. 

If you are looking for a daring look, throw a new trendy bomber jacket on your shoulders with your culottes. Otherwise, if you’re going for a simple look, pair them with your white V-neck. And if you’re just trying to stay lowkey, wear some flats. But if you’re trying to make a statement, try some heels!

We hope we have inspired you to try a capsule wardrobe, including getting your heels or other accessories turned in the right direction! Let us know which pieces you consider essential for your capsule closet by using #SuccessibleFashion on Instagram.

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