Camel Blazer
Time to style your camel blazer!
Camel Blazer
5 Absolutely Flattering Ways to Style A Camel Blazer!

As we transition into the colder seasons of the year, we tend to trade the bright colors and flowy fabrics of summer for the thicker fabrics and muted tones of autumn and winter. With temperatures dropping, it’s now time for layers to keep out the cold in style. But if you’re anything like us, you might find it difficult to layer outfits while still having them look cohesive. How do we solve this problem, you might ask? Well, to fix this, you need a staple piece – one that works well with everything. This year, one of our favorite staple pieces is the camel blazer.

If you don’t already have a camel blazer, you’re going to realize why you need one after seeing these looks. And if you do already have a camel blazer, here are some great ways to style it to make sure your autumn and winter looks never get dull.

The looks

Camel Blazer Over Something Casual

Maybe it’s just starting to cool down where you are. So it might not be cold during the day, but when you step out at night, it can get a little nippy. If that’s your situation, then this look is perfect for you. Wearing your camel blazer with shorts and a blouse is a great way to dress up any casual look. It’s also the perfect way to add a little bit of warmth to your outfit as we transition into the colder months.

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Layering With Your Camel Blazer

If it’s already chilly all day long where you are, then this look is perfect for you. Putting a sweater under your camel blazer is a great layering method to make sure you stay warm all day long. Pair with a soft scarf and a long pair of pants or slacks, and you have the perfect look – one that can be casual or, thanks to your camel blazer, also suitable for the workplace.

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Oversized Camel Blazer

Maybe it’s your day off, and you’re just trying to keep warm while running a quick errand. Then this oversized camel blazer or coat is perfect for you. The fact that it’s oversized will ensure you stay comfy the entire time you are out. As an additional plus, the blazer itself will help spice up any casual cozy look.

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Matching Set

The next look is perfect for anyone who has to go into the office but still wants to look super chic this winter season. Pairing your camel blazer with a matching set of pants, slacks, or skirts is a great way to make your outfit look cohesive and even expensive. Not only is it fit for work, but it’s also fun and warm enough for a night on the town afterward.

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Camel Blazer Paired With All Black

Wearing your blazer overall black is sure to make the blazer pop. Not only does it look good, but it’s easy to do. All you need is a few black layering pieces along with your blazer, and you have an entirely cohesive and chic outfit that’s perfect for whatever weather. Is it cold? Try layering a black sweater underneath. Is it still warm? Then maybe just opt for a black blouse or v-neck. Either way, you’ll look amazing.

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There are just so many flattering ways to style your camel blazer. We do believe a camel blazer is a staple everyone needs in their wardrobe since they work in almost any type of autumn or winter weather. How did you decide to style your camel blazer? We’d love to see your looks. Tag us on Instagram at @offonfriday or use our hashtag #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted!

Are camel hair blazers in style?

The camel coat is a classic piece of clothing for women that is both practical and stylish. It is not just a fad.

How do you wear a camel blazer?

Any color of jeans can be paired with a camel blazer for a casual appearance, but black or white jeans make it pop. For a daytime look, pair it with a silk or cotton top, sneakers, or pumps. You may pair it with black-coated denim or faux leather leggings for a nocturnal appearance.

What skin tone does camel suit?

Everyone Can Use This Color. The color camel complements practically any skin tone and is universal. It looks good on those with darker skin tones but not on those with a light complexion. Because it covers the majority of the body, this is a fantastic product for people of various skin tones.

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