If you are a newbie in the crypto space and you are about to buy some crypto, here is a list of 10 things that you must keep in mind before investing in cryptocurrency. If you buy crypto without proper research, you might be at risk of losing your investment. Let’s get started!

1. Only Buy Crypto with the Money that you can Afford to Lose:

One of the main things to take into account while buying cryptocurrency is its volatile nature. Crypto space is not stable at all, which means your money is always at risk. You should only invest the money that you are willing to lose. Never invest by making a consumer loan or selling your house, car, or anything important. You are responsible for your own money.

You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Always invest the money that you can take a risk to lose.

2. Do Proper Research:

Before entering the world of cryptocurrencies, you should have adequate knowledge of the space. DYOR is a proper buzzword in the crypto space that means “Do Your Own Research” before buying crypto. Do not hesitate to spend time reading and getting yourself informed about the preferred cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. You need to carry out complete and deep research before investing in cryptocurrencies. You are responsible for your own money.

3. Choose a Strategy:

Before creating a perfect investment strategy, you need to consider the following things:

  • Your current financial situation
  • Your risk tolerance and desirable return
  • The factor of the effectiveness of your strategy
  • Applicability to different market environments

4. Diversity is Important:

Putting resources into cryptographic forms of money can be a fascinating possibility for a segment of your portfolio; however, you should try to broaden your speculations with different forms of investments. If you have money to invest, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, keep them divided into different baskets. In case one falls, you still have something left. Proportion your money to more than one coin. If one crashes, you may have other options as well.

5. Resist FOMO:

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Pumpers (shameless promoters) exist in every field and company, including bitcoin. Don’t be swayed by peer pressure. This isn’t your typical high school experience. Consider your options and weigh in on the merits of an investment.

6. Don’t Believe Everything You See on Social Media:

Social media is full of scammers and hackers. Anyone can post anything on social media. Verify before you take action based on anything posted on social media. Recently, some scammers created a fake giveaway and caused people to lose around $100,000 worth of various cryptocurrencies. Never invest in cryptocurrencies based on the hype people create over social media.

7. You Don’t Have to Buy a Whole Coin:

Cryptocurrency exchanges are offering people to buy even $10 worth of Bitcoin. It means you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin to possess it. You can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other currency for a small amount and then play around with it just to see how it works. 

8. Don’t Stress over it:

When you invest in cryptocurrency, you should forget about it for a long time. Usually, when people buy ethereum, bitcoin, or any other crypto, they are too excited, which might result in losing a lot. Don’t stress over small fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. As a volatile market, cryptocurrency space is often changing in rates, due to which most people panic and sell at a low rate. A calm, rational understanding of the situation is always needed.

9. Wallet Security:

As cash is stored in a wallet, cryptocurrency is stored in a digital currency wallet. Maintaining the security and privacy of your digital currency wallet is critical when dealing with digital assets, since failing to do so might result in the loss of your investment.

Before investing in cryptocurrency, do some research to locate a suitable digital currency wallet for your requirements, ensuring that the wallet you choose supports the digital currency you want to acquire.

10. Safe Purchase Method:

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, the exchange is the best option. Choose a platform that accepts various payment methods, and when you’ve made your purchase, you can choose any other to trade. 


The crypto market is unpredictable and volatile; thus, you generally have to face challenges and risks. There are no guarantees of stable cryptocurrency prices or benefits, yet people who buy cryptocurrency, remembering the benefit and the risk factor, get the greatest benefits through cryptographic money exchanging.