Yoga offers a host of health benefits. It can increase flexibility, augment muscular strength and help you to maintain a balanced metabolism. However, some poses can be more difficult to execute when compared to others. This is when the use of a quality yoga bolster comes into play. Let’s take a look at ten exercises that can be enhanced with the help of these clever cushions. 

The Child’s Pose

bolsters child poses

When kneeling down and leaning forward, a yoga bolster can be present if you feel that your lower back requires a bit of extra support.

The Reclined Bound Angle Pose

After bringing the soles of your feet together and laying back, the bolster can be placed beneath your spinal erectors in order to provide your lumbar region with a greater stretch.

Back Bends

bolsters back bends

Back bends can be challenging; particularly if the associated muscle groups are stiff. The bolsters found at Yoga Studio Store can be placed beneath your upper back to ease any perceived tension.

Vertical Leg Extensions

Bolsters can also be employed when placing your legs vertically against a wall. Their presence beneath your lower back (just above the buttocks) will offer stability and help to ease any tension. This is also a great strategy if you happen to suffer from sciatica. 

Seated Forward Folds

bolsters forward folds

Seated forward folds primarily stretch the hamstrings and the spinal erectors. As this position may take some time to perfect, bolsters can be used to maintain the correct form and to avoid curving the spine. 

Wide-Legged Bends

Similar to seated forward folds, wide-legged bends require a fair amount of dexterity. Placing a bolster beneath your chest will provide your upper body with a greater degree of support when leaning forward. 

The Reclined Hero Pose

bolsters hero pose

The reclined hero pose is an excellent movement if you wish to develop core flexibility (especially within the abdominal region). As this article notes, such cushion can be placed below the lower back for additional lumbar support. 

Supported Twists

Supported twists are often used when warming up, as these will help to loosen up the muscles found within your midsection. A bolster can be placed directly below your upper body; helping you to twist without tensing nearby muscles. 

Reclined Twists

bolsters reclines twists

When performing the reclined twist, a bolster can be located beneath the bent knee for additional support. Once you have obtained the necessary degree of flexibility, the bolster can simply be removed. 

The Savasana

Performing the Savasana is one of the best ways to release tension that may be present within the lower back. Placing a bolster beneath the knees will help to reduce any pressure that might otherwise be present within your lower lumbar region.

These are ten of the many yoga exercises which can benefit from the use of a bolster. Of course, feel free to research each suggestion in more detail to better appreciate the amazing advantages of each.