Every woman who wants to enhance her wardrobe can rely on a good pair of black tights. Tights help create a seamless look on your legs and can elevate the look of most outfits. Sheer black tights can be a great addition to an office-appropriate shift dress, while opaque tights worn underneath a denim skirt provide warmth and coverage.

Black is considered a neutral color, so black tights can go well with a myriad of clothing styles and colors. Apart from the aesthetic value, they add to your outfit, black tights serve practical purposes, too. They serve as extra protection for your legs during the colder months and provide coverage for when you want to wear short dresses and skirts without exposing too much skin.

With the range of functionality and versatility that they offer, black tights should be a non-negotiable in your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure about how to best style them or need new ideas on how to incorporate black tights into your outfits, here are 8 different ways you can style black tights for different occasions.

Put Together an All-Black Ensemble

If you’re still new to wearing black tights, the easiest way to style a pair is with an all-black outfit. Wearing one color from head to toe, or monochromatic dressing is a timeless styling tip that many professional stylists continue to apply today because it’s easy to pull off and usually has great results. In addition, wearing black tights with an all-black outfit creates a seamless look that can help you appear taller and leaner.

Typically, putting together any black garment with black tights will do the trick. But if you want to look sophisticated, wear a black turtleneck sweater and a black mini skirt along with your black tights and over-the-ankle black boots. Complete the ensemble with a black trench coat and a black purse, and you’re good to go.

Wear Black Tights with a Dress

Another easy fall and winter outfit idea is to wear short dresses with black tights. Doing so won’t just elevate your look; it also helps you maximize all your dresses by making them cold-weather-friendly. One example is matching a classic shirt dress with your black tights, which can be styled for both casual and professional occasions. 

Wear the shirt dress and black tights combo with sneakers when you need an outfit for daytime outings or running errands. If you want something more office-friendly, the same outfit can be styled with a coat of the same length as the dress and heeled booties.

Update Your Skirt Suit

black tights

If your job requires you to dress professionally, you may feel limited in the styles you can wear to work. But sometimes, small changes could make a big difference. Wearing black tights with a skirt suit, for example, can make you look fresh and modern. This is a great alternative to the pantsuit, as the skirt lends a more feminine vibe but still follows the rules of power dressing in the workplace.

While the skirt suit may be a uniform for many professionals, this classic workwear has been updated to suit more casual settings. Instead of wearing a matching blazer and skirt, for example, you can opt for garments in different textures. Pair your structured office blazer with a short lacey skirt in the same color. Then, wear a white t-shirt under the blazer or a graphic print shirt for an edgier look. Add black tights, then opt for combat boots or heeled loafers for your footwear.

Match Black Tights with a Midi Skirt

Aside from pairing them with short skirts and dresses, black tights look great with midi skirts too. Midi skirts refer to garments that fall two inches below the knees or just above the ankles. Many women find this length more comfortable than short ones, and it’s a popular choice during colder months because it gives their legs more coverage from the cold. Wearing black tights underneath adds extra warmth and another level of sophistication. 

Match your midi and tights combo with a sweater or blouse and pumps to play up your feminine appeal. Swap the top and shoes with a leather jacket and boots for that rockstar vibe.  

Wear Shorts Even In the Colder Months

You might not even consider wearing your favorite pair of denim shorts during the colder months because you don’t want to expose your legs in the chilly weather. But with black tights, you can still rock wearing shorts even as the temperature drops.

You can opt for a long-sleeved top along with your black tights and Chelsea boots for a casual yet put-together look. If it gets cooler, throw on a jacket and switch to more opaque tights for a comfy and stylish ensemble.

Make Ripped Jeans Weather Appropriate

Aside from your shorts, you can also make ripped jeans cold-weather-friendly by wearing black tights underneath. It’s a creative way to incorporate your black tights with your distressed jeans and still stay warm. Styling your tights and ripped jeans this way also helps show off your grunge or edgy aesthetic without exposing too much skin. The tights can give you coverage for larger rip areas, and you can even use a patterned pair to add an extra layer of texture to your style. 

Tone Down a Bold Outfit

You don’t have to wait for cold weather to wear black tights. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to incorporate a lot of color into your wardrobe. If it seems like too much, a pair of black tights can help you pull off bold or bright-colored outfits. If you’re wearing a sequined dress, a colorful top, or statement shoes, pairing them with a neutral garment like black tights give balance to your look.

The hosiery also keeps your overall outfit from looking too busy and provides a solid contrast to prints and patterns. Black tights are also great for toning down an outfit and making it more appropriate to wear at more formal or conservative occasions, such as a wedding or a company party.

Wear Closed Shoes with Your Black Tights

When choosing what footwear to wear with your black tights, the best option is any closed footwear that can hide the seams of the tights. This includes sneakers, boots, flats, and pumps. If you prefer open-toed footwear, however, make sure to wear footless tights instead.

Black tights are a closet staple because of their versatility and functionality. With the right fashion know-how, you can use these garments to elevate any, and perhaps even most, of your outfits. Take your cue from these style tips and transform your look with this timeless accessory.

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