Practically every one of us knows what a gigantic role stocks play today. Investing is a difficult issue, you need to understand it and learn a lot. Only with a high level of awareness and professionalism can you earn big money on investments. In order to make your money work for you, today we will look at what things can increase the average American portfolio over the next decade. Let’s go!

Today, the situation in the world is far from stable, therefore it is extremely necessary to pay total attention and do an in-depth analysis of your potential investments.

Experienced investors are saying that the bulk of the US companies they keep in their portfolios are value histories, but each has its own advantages as well. The share of growing companies is insignificant and gains some weight only in aggregate.


The capital and assets of the company grew by $10 billion.

Net debt grew 2.5 times. It seems that this is bad, but it is important to note that Intel is currently building several plants, so the increase in debt is logical. But it could be bad if there were problems in the business, the company would pay dividends in debt, etc. 

What else is important to note about the company – revenue and profit for the year have not changed. However, it is important that free cash flow has halved. Why? Again, the same reason – construction. Professional investors cannot predict whether the company will cut dividends for the next 2-3 years. This largely depends on government subsidies and subsidies.

As for this year’s big news, it’s important to note that Intel has started shipping new Arc graphics chips for gaming PCs. The company has already signed contracts with Dell Technologies, Lenovo, and Samsung to supply new chips for 50 different models of gaming computers. In March, it was announced that the company plans to invest 17 billion euros in the construction of a semiconductor plant in Germany. Intel will also invest €12 billion to double production capacity at the Leixlip factory in Ireland.

Thus, investors summarize: safely say that the bet on Intel is a long-term investment with the expectation of the implementation of all investment projects.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

average American portfolio

Capital and assets remained virtually unchanged. Net debt decreased slightly. Revenue, though a little, increased. Free cash flow also rose.

As for the news of the current year, there is not much to say here. Note that Bristol-Myers Squibb received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health for Abecma. Thus, the company became the only one in Japan whose drug of this type is approved here.

Merck & Co

Here the capital has increased significantly. Assets have grown. Net debt has not increased much. As for profit, it almost doubled. Revenue also rose.

Let’s move on to the company’s news of the last year. In January, it was reported that 27 pharmaceutical companies received permission to produce generic versions of the drug molnupiravir.

The company also presented the results of six preclinical in vitro researches of molnupiravir, developed jointly with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. The drug has shown activity against a new strain of COVID-19 – Omicron.

Precious metals

Speaking about investments, it is important to touch on a topic that is always relevant – investments in precious metals. This type of passive income has a huge number of advantages.

Firstly, an investor in precious metals always feels more confident because his investments are tangible – they can be easily touched, and held in hands.

Precious metals are also constantly growing in price and will always be relevant. Investments in precious metals are reliable investments, you will definitely not lose anything.

However, you should always remember that it is best to only buy from a reliable dealer with a good reputation. So you will definitely have a guarantee that the seller will be responsible for your orders. Such a seller is clearly the Pacific metals company.

And of course, the acquisition of precious metals is easy and affordable, even if you do not have too much money for a starting investment. There is a coin for everyone.

We really hope that the information from investment specialists collected here was useful and interesting for you. Invest wisely and benefit from a cool return. Good luck and great income!