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90’s nostalgia makes us remember a  decade filled with boybands, new technology, great movies, television, and most importantly some interesting trends.  The 90’s are a time that most of us remember as a pivotal moment in pop culture. It’s no wonder that we are starting to see a lot of those trends make their way back into this decade. These are some of the old 90’s movies, TV shows, makeup trends, and fashions that are making a comeback, and we are so, so happy to see them again!

Movies and Tv Shows


Clueless is without a doubt one of the iconic chick flicks ever made. It was all the rage in the 90’s. Clueless had everything: a fabulous love story, high schoolers using their popularity for good, and an amazing make over. You have to admit – the new look Cher and Dion gave to Tai was pretty epic.

Fast forward to the Netflix era, and Clueless soon gained popularity with the Gen. Z crowd for the same reasons it was popular back in the day. With the 90’s style coming back, the younger crowd quickly turned to their newfound favorite classic movie as a style blueprint. It’s like you can’t visit a trendy boutique or a fast fashion website without seeing a revamped version of the classic yellow-checkered matching suit separate skirt Cher wore. I think it’s safe to say that as long as the 90’s trends are in style, Clueless will be as well.

Fuller House


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Back in the 80’s and 90’s, we loved tuning in to watch the latest lessons the Tanner family were sharing with us on Full House. That’s why it was a no brainer when Fuller House debuted on Netflix it was an instant hit.

Fuller House brought back so many of the elements we knew and loved from Full House. This proved to be a genius idea, since most of the audience was people who had watched Full House when they were younger. Striking a bit of a 90’s nostalgia in all of our hearts, Fuller House instantly became a hit we were all happy to see comeback.

Makeup Trends

Dark Lip Liner with a Creamy Brown Nude Lipstick or Gloss


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You couldn’t look in a magazine, music video, or a model on the runway without seeing someone with a deep nude liner with a slightly lighter nude lipstick or gloss. Fast forward to today, and this is a trend you can now see anywhere in the beauty community.

Having a slightly deeper lip liner matched with a creamy nude lip can help give your lips so much dimension and help you appear to have fuller lips. Kim Kardashian was one of the many celebrities who helped bring this trend back. In fact, her beauty brand, KKW Beauty, sells an array of lip liners, creamy nude lipsticks, and glosses for every single skin tone. If you take a look at KKW beauty, you will have no issue creating the perfect pouty nude lip for yourself.

Fresh Matte Skin


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Fresh matte skin was the go-to look in the 90’s. You couldn’t turn on Friends without seeing Rachel or Monica with beautifully smooth matte skin. Luckily, you too can now achieve this look with any soft matte foundation that works well with your skin type. It doesn’t matter if it’s high end or from the drug store.

Matte foundations have buildable coverage and self-setting, which make them very easy to work with. One of the best matte foundations on the market is the Dior Forever Matte Foundation. It is full coverage and has a beautiful matte finish. It leaves your skin looking like a rose petal.

If you struggle with dryer skin, try spraying your beauty sponge with the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist or any other luminous setting spray of your choice to help add a little hydration to your look. The best part about the Dior Forever foundation is that you don’t have to use a lot of setting powder, since it tends to almost set itself. It is also very easy to use as a soft coverage foundation, or you can build it up for a full glam look.

90’s Fashion: Clothes and Accessories



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Velvet was a fabric we saw all over the 90’s. It’s making a huge comeback right now, especially in the fall/winter season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear velvet year-round.

Velvet is amazing because it helps elevate anything you’re wearing. Whether it’s a simple tee or a little black dress, adding that velvet touch instantly makes it look like you put so much more effort into your look than you actually did. Back in the 90’s, you saw all the Hollywood IT girls wearing velvet on the red-carpet, including Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Bucket Hats


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Bucket hats were originally seen in the grunge music scene, but they very quickly became very trendy. Even Supermodel Naomi Campbell was seen rocking one of these hats.

Fast forward to 2020, and you can see these making a comeback in stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. One thing that’s great about bucket hats is that you can easily cover up a bad hair day while still looking trendy. If you pair a bucket hat with a pair of combat trousers and crop top, you will literally have a look that is the epitome of the 90’s.

Fanny Packs


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It’s almost impossible to go to a theme park or music festival without seeing a fanny pack. I’m sure there was a time when we all thought we wouldn’t be caught dead sporting one, but they are back and actually pretty cute.

Whether you grab one from Fashion Nova or can splurge on a higher end label like Chanel, you can easily style these in so many different ways. My personal favorite way I’ve seen the fanny pack come back is the style that looks like a small purse with the strap wrapping around your waist. Not only does this particular style look so chic, but it’s a great way to cinch in your waist and give you that beautiful hourglass figure.

Mom Jeans

I’m sure mom jeans are a trend that everyone is glad to see come back. If you haven’t tried this out, you seriously need to. Mom jeans are exactly what they sound like, jeans that your mom wore back in the day. They’re super baggy and usually high waisted. Think of what any girl was rocking on Full House.

Mom jeans are amazing. This is because they’re one of the most comfortable pair of jeans you can wear. They’re not tight, and you still look super trendy wearing them. Pair them with a bodysuit to elevate your look. Then wear a tee with a retro print or even a crop top to give it a more casual look.

The 90’s were a time of effortless beauty. You might’ve noticed a trend in a lot of the fashion and makeup made it so easy to put together cute looks effortlessly while staying pretty comfortable. Looking back at shows like Full House or movies like Clueless, it is so interesting to see how much the world has changed just in the past 20 years. What are some of the trends coming back that you’re so excited for, and what are some that you wish would come back?

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