Although sports are a great way for staying physically fit and passing the time, they are also good for your mental health. We all know that sports are a healthy activity, which keeps your body in shape, reduces the chance of disease, and makes you feel stronger but it also has a number of mental health benefits. 

We often watch sports with friends at home, on television, or live at the stadium, but playing those sports is just as fun and even more rewarding. You get to meet and bond with other people, scratch your competitive itch and keep physically fit. Here is a list of some sports and activities you can enjoy with friends or by yourself.


Surfing is one of the most popular board sports in the world and for good reason. As a surfer, you are spending most of your time on beautiful beaches while enjoying all the ocean has to offer. It’s a kind of adventurous sport for those who are enthusiastic, free-spirited and live with their heart. 

It’s more fun if you’re on the waves with your friends, but can be meditative when done alone. Apart from its fun side, surfing is also one of the healthier sports as it promotes cardiovascular fitness, makes your shoulders and back strong from paddling out to catch waves all day long.

So, for enjoying the fun and healthy rides on the top of ocean waves, all you need is some surfing swimsuits, a surfboard, and a little training because it can be dangerous if done incorrectly or without proper supervision. And once you start progressing, it will be hard to stop.


Swimming is fun, especially in the summertime. In addition to being fun, swimming is one of the best sports to keep yourself fit and stress-free. It’s a great calorie burner, a muscle toner, and low impact so it’s easier on the joints than most other physical activities.

For casual swimmers, it’s all about trying and learning new moves, enjoying the water with friends in the pool or the ocean, trying different strokes, and spending some time in the sun. All you need to enjoy this sport is a few swimming skills and a small backpack that includes a swimsuit, goggles, flip flops, and a swimming cap to keep your hair in place. 


Cycling for many is an everyday activity as there are lots of people who cycle for general purposes such as going to school or work. But cycling is so much more than that. It’s not just an alternative means of transportation, it’s a fun thing to do with your friends to pass your time. You can even make it your hobby for a better and healthy life. 

Cycling with your friend excites your senses, makes you laugh, relieves your stress, and helps you stay fit and active while enjoying the outdoors. All you need to get ready is a good cycle, a helmet, and cycling shoes, so your foot doesn’t slip from the pedal. 


Basketball is not only a fun sport to play with friends, but it is also the best way to exercise with a larger group of friends. It’s, of course, not a one-person sport (though you can certainly practice alone). One of its main benefits is you get to play in a team where you get to socialize and interact with other players. 

Although you may not need to be an experienced player, it requires some skills which make it a little challenging at first.  

But once you learn how to play, you will love to play this game every evening out with your friends. All you need to play this sport is a basketball, activewear and a good pair of sneakers. 


While it’s always desirable to play with your friends as a team, it’s not bad to tackle an opponent one on one in this game. Tennis requires to give and take, back and forth and intense focus. While you are playing in a pair or as a group divided into teams, it’s a fun game. 

This sport is fun, but playing tennis has many mental and physical benefits, like increasing aerobic capabilities and bone density. It is also one of the few enjoyable and healthy sports activities. 

All you need to enjoy this sport is a pair of tennis rackets, comfortable shoes and a tennis court with a regulation net. If you can’t go to the tennis court, you can also set a regulation net in your home’s backyard. 


Soccer, which is known as football in most parts of the world, is one of the most popular games in the world. The combination of running, walking and kicking benefits your body by increasing your stamina and improving cardiovascular health while building strong muscles. 

Not only does it have health benefits, but this sport is fun, challenging, and exciting. Since you get to be part of a team, you learn cooperation and develop positive social skills. Watching this game may not excite you as much as it will excite you when you play it with your friends. So all you need to do is find a nearby football pitch, gather your friends and start playing. 


As hiking involves walking or climbing, this is one of the best outdoor activities that give you an excuse to spend some outdoor time with your family or friends. Cardio can be boring and painful to get through but it becomes a joy when you’re outside enjoying all that nature has to offer. 

Imagine gathering your friends on a mountain trip and climbing and exploring those high points, spending nights in the camps at night, and so much more. Since walking relieves your stress, when it is done with friends, it’s a significant added fun factor.